• Can the LT8609S (Silent Switcher) be used in an inverting buck-boost topology?

    I am trying to utilise the LT8609S in an inverting buck-boost topology to generate a negative voltage rail (-5V) from a 4.5-5.5V input voltage supply

    The reason for using LT8609S is due to it being a "Silent Switcher" part (reduced EMI). Unfortunately…

  • LT8609

    What is the current consumption of the LT8609, Sync tied low, when out of regulation. I am using the device as a voltage limiter, Vin is 11 to 30V, Vout set to 12V. 10uH 3 amp inductor. I am finding it draws around 2mA when Vin is less than 12V

  • is there any Bug in LT8609 spice model?

    Hi all

    i do a simulation with LT8609. but there is some big spike noise about 10Vp-p on Vin, when Cin has 0.6nH of ESL.

    and , there is no problem in LT8609A  with same simulation.

    is there any Bug in LT8609 spice model?

    Best ragards

  • LT8609S Ultra-low EMI

    Hi Analog,

    Could you provide me with the right ferrite bead that I could use in this schematic or a way to determine it myself:


    Ultralow EMI 3.3V 2A Step-Down Converter

  • LT8609S ext clock using LTC6902 with SSFM

    Looking to drive three LT8609S regulators from a LTC6902 with SSFM.  This appears fairly straight forward ... float DIV and PH (each bypassed with a 1nF capacitor), 10.5K SET for a 630kHz Fmax, 22K MOD for a 9.55% SSFM.  Connect OUT1 to the first LT8609S…

  • RE: Order options  for LT8609 - difference between AEMSE and EMSE

    They are same parts with some differences.

    LT8609 & LT8609B  has faster switching edge compared with LT8609A.

    LT8609 & LT8609A has burst mode & pulse skipping mode while LT8609B has only pulse skipping mode.

  • LT8609A powergood (PG) output not working


    I use in LTSpice the LT8609A buck converter, but powergood flag never goes high.
    If i use LT8609B,LT8609 or LT8609S models then the flag is ok and goes high
    as soon Vout is in +/-8.5 % range of final value as expected.

    Is there something wrong with…

  • LT8608 or LT8609 with negative output


    I am trying to use the LT8608 as a positive to negative voltage converter as described for example linear technology design note 1021.

    The simulation in LTSpice works fine, producing -6V from 15V supply. Necessary output current is less than 1A…

  • LT8609S Sub-harmonic oscillation

    Looking at the LT8609S as a pre-regulator outputing 6.3vdc @ 1.2 Amps.
    Working through the datasheet it appears that a 22uH inductor at 400 kHz
    is reasonable. I'd like to support an input range from say 9v to 12v
    meaning duty cycles greater than 50%…

  • RE: How to connect two ADP5071 regulators in parallel?

    From what I see I think you just need a step-down converter: 12V to 5V, 1.6A. There are several parts but you may want to start looking at ADP2302 or LT8609.