• RE: External sync on LT8608 in LTspice?

    Please do SYNC RELEASE in LTspice. The model has been updated and SYNC pin is functional. Thanks!

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  • 请问LT8608可以输出负电压使用吗?







    2.在LTspice XVII软件仿真是可行的,但是实际做PCB实物测试也可以吗?



  • LT8608 HEATING

    Hi ADI team, 

    we have developed a board with LT8608. i/p is 24V , o/p is 5V/ 1A, we are using hardly 100- 200mA current in max load condition. we found some ic is heating up to 45C+. other remaining IC temp is normal like room temp. what is the cause?…

  • LT8608 or LT8609 with negative output


    I am trying to use the LT8608 as a positive to negative voltage converter as described for example linear technology design note 1021.

    The simulation in LTSpice works fine, producing -6V from 15V supply. Necessary output current is less than 1A…

  • LT8608 θjc of DC package


    Can you provide θjc for DC package of LT8608?

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  • LT8608 Thermal resistance of DC package


    I would like to know the thermal resistamce of DC package of LT8608. There is no information on the datasheet. Could you please advise me it?

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  • LT8608 Vin idle/quiescent current at no load


    with 24V at Vin and Ven the input supply current is 21mA eq 504mW.

    The datasheet contains no specs about the current with no load.

    This value sounds a bit high to me. Please confirm that this is normal behavior for a LT8608.



  • TSP62840 Replace - nanopower buck recommend request.


    I am looking for a product that meets the following conditions for nano power buck.

    Replacement part : TSP62840YBGR 

    it is 60nA quiescent current. 

    I checked ADI product. (LTC3388-3 - 720nA, LT8608 - 2.5uA)

    Could you please advice nano power product…

  • LT3045/LT3045-1 - PCB Layout Suggestion For Use In Larger System

    The LT3045/LT3045-1 datasheet and eval board manual show a specific layout for preserving PSRR where the LT3045 is preceded by a switching regulator.  However, the datasheet and eval board manual only cover a standalone regulator and do not show it incorporated…

  • RE: Low IQ LDO's, buck converters

    If your application uses the SHDN/EN/RUN pin (name differs from part to part) to enable/disable the regulator the quiescent current will be below 1uA. This is correct for nearly all regulators (switched mode and/or LDO). We do not specify this more in…