• LT8606 maximum rating versus recommended operating voltage range


    we are planning to use the LT8606 as buck converter from 24Vdc downto 3.3V. I'm a bit astonished about voltage rating specification:

    • Max rating Vin = 42Vdc
    • Operating input voltage upto 42Vdc

    There is no margin at all, from my perspective…

  • RE: Max sink current of LT8606 PG (Power Good) pin

    0.1VPG voltage is used for measuring current into PG pin to calculate the PG to GND resistance. You are correct in computation but that doesn’t mean PG can only handle ~100uA. For short time, PG handle higher current without damaging the part. For…

  • LT8606(Buck Converter) efficiency improvement

    My Customer are reviewing the LT8606 ( buck Converter )

    They use Brust Mode, Because Output Current is 10uA

    They hope to improve the efficiency

      - input : 10V ~ 15V

      - Output :3.3V / 10uA

      - Inductor : 6.8uH

    in my opinion, at low load the switching frequency…

  • Theta j-c of LTC3119 and LT8606


    I'm looking for Theta j-c of LTC3119 (UFD package) and LT8606 (MSOP, 10 Leads). Could you help me?

    Thank you!

    Best Regards


  • RE: ADM2587EBRWZ fall over after short time

    Hi Neil,

    It looks like LT8606 would be suitable to convert 13V to 5V for two ADM2587E, using five of these per how you are using the existing regulator. Alternatively a multi-output option like LT8606 could work. Or one much larger power buck like LT8609…

  • RE: LT8607 maximum switch current in overload condition


    please check following from the LT8606 datasheet (page 3, sorry for the resolution) :

    1.4A is the max curent limit for the Top FET.

    And moreover for your saturation considerations (page 14):

    So beside the good approach of using LTSpice for further…

  • 请问LT8608可以输出负电压使用吗?







    2.在LTspice XVII软件仿真是可行的,但是实际做PCB实物测试也可以吗?



  • RE: LT8608 θjc of DC package

    LT8607 & LT8606 have the same package with thermal impedance data. Theta-JA is available.

  • RE: LTC1778 maximum inductor value

    Hello Lauren,

    huh, quite a long and elaborate answer. Thanks for clarification, although this weird circumstances/requirements will not help really for an answer. In my opinion/experience the maximum 'possible' inductor value depends on the overall design…

  • RE: LT8608 Thermal resistance of DC package

    Hi Akira-san,

    LT8607 & LT8606 has the same package which have a thermal impedance of 102C/W. Since LT8608/07/06 are the same family with similar die inside, thermal impedance should also be the same.