• Question about LT8584 connections


    I'm considering the use of a single 8-cell battery module and two (16 cells).

    In order to reduce the cost, the PCB should be the same, it should be able to handle both 8 and 16 cells.

    Are there any problems with the attached connection? (D1…

  • LT8584 - Switch error latch conditions

    Hi All,

    I'm currently evaluating the LT8584 for use in a BMS design. Table 3 (Page 20) of the LT8584's datasheet lists recommended transformers for different output voltages. Ideally, I'd like to use a range of transformers with identical footprints,…

  • Which is better, the active cell balancer LT8584 or LTC3300?

    Which is better, the active cell balancer LT8584 or LTC3300?

    LT8584 is
    ・ LT8584 is required for the number of batteries
    ・ Built-in 6A / 50V power switch
    ・ Charge transfer efficiency: ???%

    TC3300 is
    ・ One LTC3300 is required for every 6 batteries
    ・ Charge transfer…

  • Questions on BMS LTC6812/3 and active balancer LTC3300 and LT8584

    Hi ADIExpert

    May I have some of your suggestion on the below questions

    1. In what situation or application that LTC3300-1 is more suitable than LTC3300-2 and vice versa?

    2. Can LT8584 supports active balance more than 12 cells? I counld't find any reference…

  • When will a demo schematic be available using the LTC6813-1 with the active balancer IC LT8584.

    I know there is a demo using the LTC6813-1 and passive balancing.  I need active balancing for serial blocks of 18 cells and this is ideal for the LTC6813-1.  I have been told months ago that the LT8584 active balancing IC can be used with the LTC6813-1…

  • IC LT8584 - what pin (DIN or DCHRG) to use to get low quiescent current in simple mode ?

    I plan to use IC LT8584 in simple mode. There are two possibilities how to control (enable) switching. I need to get low quiescent current when switching is off.
    On datasheet  on page 3. is wriiten that low quiescent current is reachable when Din = OUT …

  • RE: AD7280A - MCU interfacing


    Thanks for the information. We have gone through LTC6811 and it suits our need. Regarding active balancing, LT8584 is recommended. We have some queries regarding LT8584.

    The limit of LT8584 discharge is 2.5A and it suits for a single Li-ion 18650…

  • RE: Choosing the best cell balancing IC

    As Zack noted, either balancer controller will work independently of the LT4015, so next you need to choose 1 controller or the other.

    The datasheets for the LTC3300 and LT8584 are a bit of tough reading if your immediate objective is to select one or…

  • RE: LTC3305 need for auxilary battery

    Let's call the balancing means used by the LTC3305 "balancing by current-limited paralleling" (BCLP).  Without an auxiliary battery the only way to BCLP a battery in the stack would be by paralleling it with a different battery in the stack…

  • RE: 《模拟对话》杂志第51卷第四期中文版,新鲜来袭


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