• LT8570 datasheet equations

    Hello, I am designing an inverting boost converter with the LT8570 and created a spreadsheet using the equations on page 24 to calculate max output current.  I set up the inputs to match the circuit diagram shown on that page, but my calculations for output…

  • LT8570


    Got some problems with LT8570 inverter layout picture. Datasheet on page 20 says pin 1 of L1 (with dot) goes on pin 4 of IC (SW).

    But page 26 (schematic of inverting converter) says, that pin 1 of L1 goes on pin 3 (Vin) of IC. Where is correct connection…

  • RE: Layout of LT8570


    For coupled inductors, the dots need to match so either both dots pointing at C2 or both dots away from C2.

  • +24V input to LT8570 to generate -15V

    Hi All,

    I am using the circuit given in page number 24 in datasheet "https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/85701fa.pdf"

    to generate -15V with 24V as input.

    I am able to measure only -2V after assembly. Also getting…

  • 15V input, using a LT8570 to generate + -53V

    As the title says, can I use the resistors similar to the one above, by replacing the FBX resistors, and the L, C and diodes that adapt to the output voltage to produce +-53V, two voltages. My input is +15V.Thank  you

  • RE: 12V to 24V High efficiency Boost convertor

    The switch current limit on the LT8570-1 is approximately 250mA. The maximum output current will be less depending on the boost ratio and operating frequency. See step 5 on page 22 to calculate the maximum output current.

  • RE: LT3905 Sipm Design Review

    Your approach seems sensible. Just know the Fsel tied to ground will lock you into a 1MHz switching frequency.

    Now, since you intend to use this part as a simple boost, know you will only have a few mA of load current at your disposal. If you need more…

  • RE: dc-dc-inverter with LT8580

    Hi dulcevita,

    thanks again for your help.
    As the LT8570 is pin compatible to LT8580, I can replace it on my pcb.
    So for now, my question ist answered.

  • RE: LT8330

    I briefly considered a doubler, and especially given the circuit charges an element and draws virtually no current.  In the end, I moved to the LT8570 which, fortunately, has a very nice and apparently tested design for -48V.

    Thanks for the suggestions…

  • RE: LTC3872 current limit


    first of all, the LTC3872 is a boost converter which is working in CV mode (constant voltage) Vout.

    This means as long as your circuit is able to deliver the desired output power its Vout of 34,8V will be generated resp. stable, no matter if load…