• LT8491 eeprom

    I try to change the configuration of the eeprom but it doesn't change ...
    I tried with the APP "program EEPROM" and with single register operations. The conditions are as per data sheet: charger not enable, no busy .. etc. Do you have any idea?…
  • LT8491 in parallel


    is it possible to increase the power level by adding one or more LT8491 in parallel with the LT8491?

    Thank you in advance,


  • LT8491 strange behaviour


    I have this:

    battery full charge and connected, chg_on. PIN=0 TELE_IIN=0 POUT=11.28W TELE_IOU=0,28A measured INPUT current 65 mA (42Vdc) (OUT current to battery 0)

    If I disconnect the battery all values not change ..??!!

    If put chg_off -> telemetry…

  • LT8491 gets stuck in Fault Mode

    We are having some trouble with the functionality of the LT8491 Charging Chip. The problem comes up when we give the chip enough power to turn on, but not enough for it to charge a battery. The chip fails to commence the chargingand then gets stuck in…

  • LT8491 Gets Stuck at Boot After EEPROM Write

    The chip was working fine with writing the configuration registers with the necessary values at every startup. However for our use case we need to have the EEPROM programmed so that the LT8491 chip can restart on its own without software intervention…

  • LT8491 Telemetry issue (output power greater than input power)

    To whom it may concern,

    We are using the LT8491 battery charger and I'm observing some odd behavior in the telemetry. Specifically, it looks like the charger's reported output power (TELE_POUT) is greater than the input power (TELE_PIN); I'm hoping to…

  • LT8491 Boot fail, CRC error....BRICKED!?


    We are in progress of LT8491 evaluation. I have DC2703A-A-KIT demo board and I have modified it for 5S Liion battery. I replaced the R34 and R39 resistors. Everything worked fine until I wanted to write the configuration to eeprom with the "Simple…

  • LT8491 programming with Simple LT8491 GUI

    We are developing a new MPPT based on the LT8491 demo board. I would like to ask what should we do in order to be able to use the DC1613A and the Simple LT8491 GUI to configure the MPPTs when we assembly them.

    I tired to check this with the DC2703A demo…

  • LT8491 - Current sense and resistor in series


    I have noticed that there might be some conflicting information between the LT8491 and LT8705 and I am not sure how much it matters. The LT8705 indicates that there should not be any resistors in series on the line CSxIN and CSxOUT while the LT8491…

  • LT8491 when the output BMS protection, the output no voltage?Does the LT8491 support no-load output?

    LT8491 when the output BMS protection, the output no voltage?

    Does the LT8491 support no-load output?