• LT8490/LT8491_configuration_algorithm


    In a datasheet of LT8490 and LT8491 buck-boost controller is written that value greater than 25mR for Rsense1 resistor is not recommended. What is the reason for that? What could happen if 27mR or 30mR resistor as Rsense1 is chosen?
    What is the…

  • LT8490 stage2 LED pulse

    Just in case, let me check the following typographical errors

    "ON" is a typographical error and 2,250mS is the correct value.

  • RE: LT8490 development board DC2069A

    The demo board lists this as operating range. Can you clarify what conditions are you using the issue?

  • LT8490 / LT8491 multiphase questions


    In looking through some other answers for LT8490/LT8491 it seems that the recommended way to create a multiphase converter is to use one LT8491 and (N-1)x LT8705A parts. I have a few questions regarding this:

    1. Is it possible to only use one error…

  • LT8490 with solar panel


    Is Rsense for Inductor with value 800uohms acceptable for Solar application with LT8490? is the value too low or we can use such low values of Inductor Current Sense?

  • LT8490 Efficiency and Parallel Connections

    I am working on a new MPPT development for PV modules in building applications. I would like to validate some features of this LT8490 in order to know if it suit my application.

    1. What is the converter efficiency that i can achieve with this LT8490…

  • LT8490 with series connection of Solar Panels


    Can I connect solar panel in series to Input of LT8490? I want to connect 2 panels in series. Will it work as desired?

  • LT8490 Development board (DC2069A)


          I am working on Evaluation Board for LT8490. Want to test it with Programmable DC Electronic load. How do I start the charger? In Demo manual its suggested to use 9V battery with series diode for output voltage of 12V. This charger is for SLA…

  • queries regarding LT8490


    I am using a single switch, modified boost converter topology in my PV connected system  and wish to track the maximum power point. Can I use LT8490 for this purpose? If it is so , then how do I modify the application circuits provided in the datasheet…

  • LT8490 Output Current Limiting Issue

    Hello , 

    I have design Li-ion charger using LT8490. Specifications are given below,

    Vin= 50 V (DC Sourse spec 60 V , 3.3 A )

    Vout = 57V

    Io= 5 A

    Facing issue in getting output Voltage when i limit the Max Output current to 1.5 A , I am getting No output…