• LTSpice model of LT8490

    I am developing LT8490 based MPPT charger for Li-IOn battery.  Will LT/AD provide the

    LTSpice simulation model of LT8490 based sample circuit for simulation before entering into

    actual hardware.Whatever simulation file provided along the LT8490 demo board…

  • LT8490 still supplies power to a load when battery is disconnected


    We have an application where the LT8490 is connected to a photovoltaïc panel. LT8490 is used to charge a LiFe Battery (14.2V, 1.5Ah) and to supply power to a load (around 50mA under 12V). 

    We would like that LT8490 still supplies power to…

  • LT8429 Charger Battery Voltage

    I'm using the DC2069A kit that has the LT8490 battery charger for solar panel applications. LT8490 data sheet shows the battery range from 1.3V to 80V.

    The kit is configured to charge a 12V battery. I need to charge either a 24V or 26.4V. I read…

  • RE: AD MPPT IC for Panel e.g SM72442, LT8490

    LT8490 seems to be a close match for your requirements

  • LT8490 work abnormally

    I used 20V DC power supply, but both status and fault LEDs are always on even the 12V Li-battery is connected or disconnected. And there is no output for battery.

    I have checked some electrical Characteristics under follow:

    PIN14_LDO33 = 3.302V


  • LT8490: Information on how the MPPT block works


    I am doing a project which requires a fair understanding of all processes in the LT8490 (which is used in the DC2069A demo-board).

    From what I have read thus far, I understand what the LT8490 accomplishes in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)…

  • LT8490 Simulation

    Are there any LTSpice models of the LT8490?  I would like to be able to run a simulation of the part to validate my design.   I did not see any models on the part's webpage or in the most recent version of LTSpice.


  • LT8490 formulas


    I'm designing a solar panel charger using yours LT8490.

    My problem is that I don't understand the formula in pag. 14 to calculate RFBIN1.

    That formula doesn't give the results given in the corresponding table 2. If Vmax (Vmax > 6V) grows…

  • RE: Re: [Power Management] - Re: LT8490 Buck-Boost Battery Charge Controller with MPPT


    FROM: FormerMember

    The LT8490 will measure the battery voltage before starting to charge the battery. The voltage on output terminals must be at least 5V for a 12V battery charger, otherwise the LT8490 will not turn on.

    Can you describe…

  • Is there a lower limit on the maximum charging current for the LT8490?

    We are evaluating the LT8490 as the battery charge controller for a system which contains two 12-volt SLA batteries connected in series.  Each battery is rated at 0.8AH and the maximum bulk charging current is 0.24 amps per the battery datasheet.  Using…