• RE: Bug in LT8471 LTSpice Model: Sub-harmonic oscillation on channel 2?

    What was the result of this discussion?  Is there a problem with the model?  Or the LT8471?

  • Query related to LT8471


    We are planning to use LT8471 chip for providing VCC to opamp i.e. operating at 12V and -12V

    Is this IC is able to provide 12V,2A and -12V ,250mA or 500mA.

    We are going to use this 12V,2A into designing 5V/1A 3.3 V/2A and 1.8V/1A using LT3514 chip.

  • LT8471问题咨询


  • RE: Synchronizing LT8580s

    I was looking at that one too in addition to the LT8471. 2 LT8580s just looked to be less complex at first glance. Maybe not. PCB area-wise maybe the LT3471? Although it would be nice if it could handle up to 18V input voltage. 

  • LT8471: 40V in to +/-20 possible?

    Is it possible for LT8471 to handle 42V input and generate +/-20V bipolar output, 0.3-0.4A per rail? I was looking at figure 10A which is pretty much what I need, but the voltages are a bit off. 

    If it's possible, what should I change besides the feedback…

  • RE: Which LTM to use for dual supplies at less than 0.25A and Low EMI

    Hi John 

    Unfortunately LTM8049 is not a good choice for this application. LTM8049 's max Vin is only up to 20 V. 

    I would suggest looking at LT8471 for your particular application 



  • LT8471 Simulation doesn't work

    I downloaded the LTSpice schematic of the LT8471 eval board:


    When running the simulation, everything is OK until about 6.65 ms and then both outputs start sagging…

  • RE: Opamp negative supply?

    Hi Greg,

    You may also want to check ADP5070, ADP5071 or LT8471.  Can produce dual positive and negative outputs from a single positive supply.  Thanks!

  • LT8471 SS Capacitance simulation


    I am using LT8471 in following configuration

    Input Voltage 12V +/- 10%

    Output 1: 15V, 250mA : Boost Topology

    Output 2: -15V, 250mA : Single Inductor Inverting Topology

    During LTSPICE Simulation, I am able to get desired output only when SS Capacitance…

  • LT8471 Order Part Information

    What is the difference between LT8471EFE#PBF and LT8471IFE#PBF?


    Balaji A