• LT8392 Isolated Feedback


    I would like to use the LT8392 as the first stage of a cascaded isolated supply. Is it possible to connect the (opto-isolated) feedback to the Vc pin similar to what is done in the LT8310 datasheet, typical application circuit on p. 36 instead of using…

  • LT8392 Inductor DCR Sensing for LSP LSN Pins

    Is it possible to use inductor DCR for the LSP LSN pins of the LT8392?

    I am using a shunt resistor for the ISP and ISN pins for precision output current limiting.

    But seeing as the LSP and LSN pins are only measuring inductor current, can I just use the…

  • LT8392 Vout question

    Dear ADIExpert,

    I have a question about the LT8392 Vout. My customer's working condition is Vin=12V, Vout=55V/18.7A, And the block diagram is as follows. The end customer requires the system output to be able to withstand being connected to a 64V voltage…

  • LT8392 paralleled mode questions

    Hi ADIExpert

    I have few questions about the LT8392 paralleled mode

    1. from the datasheet of LT8392, the CTRL  threshold pin for external current limit setting is 0.25V instead of 0.3V as LT8390

    on the other hand, the default offset of ISMON is 0.2~0.3…

  • LT8392 CTRL pin threshold voltage

    Hi ADIexpert

    when in LT8392 paralleled mode

    is it 0.3V or 0.25V CTRL pin threshold voltage that the slave LT8392 would start to work?

    in the datasheet of LT8392, I can see both value in different places

    thank you 


  • LT8392 Design


    I came across the LT8392 when looking for some different buck boost regulators. I am wanting to know if the LT8392 is capable of providing the necessary requirements for my design. 

    Vin: 4.5 - 60 V

    Vout: 4.5 - 42V

    Imax: 8A

    I am more interested in…

  • RE: LT8392 Application circuit/ Timestep too small

    Hi Nicholas,

    Sorry for late reply.  I hope you found fix already. Can you share your simulation file?

  • Two LT8392 in parallel


    I'm designing a boost converter for powering a video flash capacitor bank and considering using two of the LT8392 in parallel to get 10A at 42V output from 11-20V input. Aside from connecting the ISMON of one to the CTRL of the other for load sharing…

  • LT8392 Inductor Selection - Formula doesn't seem to result values in typical application examples


    I am currently trying to implement LT8392 into a design. The typical applications are actually already very close to my desired specifications, however I wanted to derive my own values to better understand the design process. However, I am struggling…

  • RE: Regulator Recommendation

    Hello, The part looks good. You can also see LT3120/LT8392. My advice would be to use LTPowerCAD or refer to the datasheet to help you design your regulator and then simulate the design through LTSpice to give you an idea how the design will respond.…