• LT8391A total wattage for LED


    I'm Lonnie Kim DFAE in Sheenbang(Korea)

    I have some question about LT8391A.

    1. What different with LT8391 and LT8391A?

    2. How much wattage for LED control?

        LT8391 may control about 100Watt. Is same to LT8391A?

    Best regards

    Lonnie Kim

  • LT8391A

    Dear all,

    There is a problem with the EVM (DC2575A) circuit.

    What is the function of D5 (PMEG3010EB) in the circuit?

    Is it necessary?


  • LT8931A load transient response

    Dear Sir,

    Do you have LT8391A output load transient response waveform for different LED load transient ?

    Especially in ADB car lighting application, thanks.

  • RE: Inverted buck-boost of LED driver

    Hi K.T,

    I think only LT3744 has that unique inverting buck-boost operation. However, buck-boost converters from ADI are assured to be working in stable operation. I suggest reviewing and/or trying LT8391 or LT8391A.

    If issues persist, I suggest contacting…

  • RE: LT3966 and max channel current

    Yes, the LT8391 is a part which can deliver the desired power. Maybe the LT8391A is ok as well and saves some space as higher switching frequency allows smaller inductor.

    For sure a much bigger design than one LT3966, but your power level does not allow…

  • LT8391 Flashing

    Hi All, 

    As power is increased to about 42 watts (42V @ 1amp) LED output starts flashing.  Noticed SS pin is dropping low quickly.  From the data sheet page 13 I see 5 conditions that would cause a rapid discharge of the SS pin.  They are CTRL 1 or 2 below…

  • Need advice on choosing the best IC for LED driver with 40 Ampere output current

    I'm Jurgen from Germany. I'm a LED driver designer and designed LED drivers up to 1kW. Now I face a heavy challenge as follows:

    UIN is 10V to 60V DC

    IOUT is 40 A; in steps of 0%, 25% (10A), 50% (20A), 75% (30A), 100% (40A).

    LED is 3.5V at 40A…

  • RE: LT3518 Short-Circuit

    Hello Martin,

    The LT3518 is not designed for short-circuit protection.

    More recent ICs such as the LT3922, LT3795, LT3762, LT3932, LT8391A and other LED drivers now have the short-circuit protection which you are looking for.

    I hope this helps,


  • LT8391 Flickering LEDs are certain supply voltages

    Good afternoon,

    I have a custom PCB that just arrived and am testing the LED driver based on the LT8391A. The design is mostly sourced from the DC2345A reference design, however, a number of components were swapped due to the voltage ratings and needs…

  • Capacitor charger with 24V input 40V output at 1A constant current


    I want to design a circuit with 24VDC input and output is charging a 24mF capacitor with constant current 1Amp, 0 to 40Volts.

    Is it possible to design this circuit with LT8391?