• LT8390

    Expected Functionality:
    We expect to be able to apply up to 60V DC input and regulate out to +12V using the LT8390

    When voltages > 17.5V are applied to the input (+VBATT), the output of the LT8390 begins to oscillate. At input voltages < 17.5V the…

  • LT8390


    I am trying to simulate the LT8390 using LTSPICE, however I want to use a solar panel as an input. I managed to simulate a solar cell, however I cant use it as an input into the LT8390 model. I am trying to model and simulate the scenario on page…

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  • RE: LT8390 and LT8490


    Please use the equations provided on the  "Programming Output Voltage and Thresholds " section of the datasheet of LT8390 to change the output voltage 

    Yes it is possible to use a solar cell as an input for LT8390


  • LT8390


    I have a problem with the LT8390, I use it as a solar charger with a lead acid battery 12V.

    I use your application circuit showing a solar panel charger in datasheet page 32.

    The layout is made as specified in datasheet.

    The FB circuit is a little…

  • LT8390

    Hi all,

    I'm using ic LT8390 in buck region with: Input 36V (This value is output voltage of ic LT8705) and output which I need is 24V. But, output voltage of LT8390 is oscilated, and volatage value is not 24V. If I use input is lower 30V, output voltage…

  • About LT8390

    Use LT8390 to make a 24V input, 12V/25A output power supply, encountered some problems during debugging

    Adjust the output current up to 8A, more than 8A for a while, the inductor will emit a noise, the circuit at this time no output.

    1. My inductor model…

  • RE: LT8390 Parallel Function


    Please use the article below as reference:


    Some highlight that could be taken on the article is to tie the IMON pin on the master…

  • LT8390 Simulation Help


    I am trying to simulate the LT8390 using LTSPICE, I am trying to model and simulate the scenario on page 32 of the LT8390 data sheet (125 W Solar panel to 12V battery charger). I have built the model as per the datasheet, I used a voltage source as…

  • RE: LT8390 - floating "Sync/Sprd" pin


    LT8390 behavior would indeterminate. If left floating the potential on the Sync/Sprd could be affected by several external factors such as EMI/EMC which makes the behavior unpredictable for this case.