• LT8390 fails to start

    hello ADI:
    Recently, I designed a buck-boost circuit using our LT8390 from Analog Devices. The expected input is 12-54V and the output is 5-27V/30A. The circuit is wired and connected according to the DC2431A-4-SCH reference design, but After the circuit…

  • LT8390输出电压问题





  • Inductor selection LT8390


    In the datasheet of the LT8390 in the inductor selection part the minimum inductance is lower as the output current is higher.

    Why is this possible?

  • LT8390 too hot

    I have designed a Buckboost converter that converts from 48V to 59V with a current of 50A with CC/CV but in an open circuit at the output the LT8390 gets too hot and has a comsumption of 280mA. Any idea of the possible error?

  • LT8390 buck-boost mode switch


    I choose LT8390 for my new design, below are the Specs:

    Input: 18 to 28V (24V typically)

    output: 0 to 30V

    current: 14A

    purpose: Charge the supercapacitor(The supercapacitor will charge from 0V  to  30V)

    In my opinion, when be charging, the supercapacitor…

  • LT8390 TG1 mosfet issue


    I made a high power DC/DC converter and the mosfet TG1 doesn´t open, the waveform Vgs is:


    and the Vg refered to ground (blue) and sw1(ellow) node is:

    The bst capacitor is charged to 3v only

    what can be the problem?

  • LT8390 Current Sense and Limiting Resistor Selection


    I am planning to use LT8390 Switcher in my application. I am trying to understand the applicability and usage of Rsense and Ris resistors. The LTPowerCAD designs let Ris be optional, and their values do not seem to make any difference to the design…

  • High Power DC/DC converter with LT8390


    It is possible to make an DC/DC converter of 60V/40A with the LT8390? Is there any example?

  • LT8390 Short test issue


    I'm testing output short test. ( output latch off mode )

    When output is shorted, Voltage of output goes down to 0V immediately but Current takes around 37ms to 0A.

    1) blue : current of output

    2) green : voltage of output

    3) red : Mosfet gate…

  • Vout calculation when Lt8390 parallel


        We are using parallel Lt8390 to output 24V,40A.  According to the reference arcticle 60V Synchronous, Low EMI Buck-Boost for High Power and High Efficiency | Analog Devices. The Vout of the slave is set 13.1 while the output is 12V. So I am confused…