• RE: LT8390

    I think it is possible. Worth checking all corners of design including MIN and MAX VOUT. Typically we recommend driving the Feedback pin via manipulation of the resistor divider from the output similar to the basic diagram below shown with the ADM1066,…

  • LT8390 - input related voltage drop for low loads in boost region

    Hi all, 

    im using the LT8390 in boost region (input around 20-30V) to generate a output voltage of 32.8V with 1.7A. Reason for that voltage is, that I use the IC as a battery charger. That states, that of course in constant current mode, the voltage is…

  • LT8390


    I am trying to simulate the LT8390 using LTSPICE, however I want to use a solar panel as an input. I managed to simulate a solar cell, however I cant use it as an input into the LT8390 model. I am trying to model and simulate the scenario on page…

  • RE: DC2431A/LT8390 Feedback Resistor Ground Connection

    Hi Michael,

    Please follow the board layout: to SGND. My take is that this is better in terms of less noise as the power ground is a higher current path being main power rail and may be prone to noise. 

  • LT8390

    Expected Functionality:
    We expect to be able to apply up to 60V DC input and regulate out to +12V using the LT8390

    When voltages > 17.5V are applied to the input (+VBATT), the output of the LT8390 begins to oscillate. At input voltages < 17.5V the…

  • LT8390

    Hi all,

    I'm using ic LT8390 in buck region with: Input 36V (This value is output voltage of ic LT8705) and output which I need is 24V. But, output voltage of LT8390 is oscilated, and volatage value is not 24V. If I use input is lower 30V, output voltage…

  • LT8390


    I have a problem with the LT8390, I use it as a solar charger with a lead acid battery 12V.

    I use your application circuit showing a solar panel charger in datasheet page 32.

    The layout is made as specified in datasheet.

    The FB circuit is a little…

  • LT8390



  • LT8390 Parallel Function


    I have a spec for wide range input 8V~14V->12V/80A

    Can LT8390 achieve parallel function ?

    I would like use a master and 3 slave parallel.

    Is there any reference design or schematic for this?

    Please kindly share with me.

    Thanks a lot.

  • LT8390 Simulation Help


    I am trying to simulate the LT8390 using LTSPICE, I am trying to model and simulate the scenario on page 32 of the LT8390 data sheet (125 W Solar panel to 12V battery charger). I have built the model as per the datasheet, I used a voltage source as…