• LT8390 Design Review

    I am using the LT8390EFE#PBF in a Lithium Ion battery charger design and was wondering if an application engineer would be willing to review the schematic.

    I used LTpowerCAD to create the design and then used LTSpice to simulate. The results looked reasonable…

  • LT8390


    I am trying to simulate the LT8390 using LTSPICE, however I want to use a solar panel as an input. I managed to simulate a solar cell, however I cant use it as an input into the LT8390 model. I am trying to model and simulate the scenario on page…

  • LT8390

    Hi all,

    I'm using ic LT8390 in buck region with: Input 36V (This value is output voltage of ic LT8705) and output which I need is 24V. But, output voltage of LT8390 is oscilated, and volatage value is not 24V. If I use input is lower 30V, output voltage…

  • LT8390

    Expected Functionality:
    We expect to be able to apply up to 60V DC input and regulate out to +12V using the LT8390

    When voltages > 17.5V are applied to the input (+VBATT), the output of the LT8390 begins to oscillate. At input voltages < 17.5V the…

  • LT8390

    Can the LT8390 be used as a buck boost converter with a variable voltage output. Looking to feed a ZVS induction heating module and I want control the voltage to maintain various temperatures, Feedback will be from a PT100 RTD.

  • LT8390 @ 14.7V , 30A design consideration

    Hi hope you are doing well. 

    I am designing a battery charger using LT8390. I am using DC2431A as a development board and reference design.

    Could manage to use DAC of an external Micro to control the out put and charge the battery with rated values on…

  • LT8390


    I have a problem with the LT8390, I use it as a solar charger with a lead acid battery 12V.

    I use your application circuit showing a solar panel charger in datasheet page 32.

    The layout is made as specified in datasheet.

    The FB circuit is a little…

  • LT8390



  • LT8390 Parallel Function


    I have a spec for wide range input 8V~14V->12V/80A

    Can LT8390 achieve parallel function ?

    I would like use a master and 3 slave parallel.

    Is there any reference design or schematic for this?

    Please kindly share with me.

    Thanks a lot.

  • LT8390 and LT8490


    I understand that there currently is not a model for the LT8490 that has been made yet? However, I am trying to simulate an MPPT but instead of using the LT8490 in the LTSPICE model I wanted to use the LT8390 as that is an available model. However…