• About the bootstrap resistor of LT8365


    The LT8365 datasheet P21 contains a schematic that produces -125V.

    The role of R5 is to recognize the current limiting resistor of the bootstrap circuit.
    Please tell me how to determine the constant of R5.

    I would be grateful if you could reply…

  • RE: LT8365 boost to 2000V

    Hi Shimon,

    For 2KVout, you will need 13 charge pumps using LT8365. We haven’t seen any applications that have this many charge pumps though. How to calculate how many charge pumps needed: (N+1)*Vsw >VOUT. N = # of charge pumps, Vsw = max switch voltage…

  • LT8365 DC2838A


    I basically duplicated the DC2838A design onto my own test circuit (which will hopefully soon become a product circuit).  However, the switching node doesn't switch.  It is the same DC value as the Input (9V).  Any thoughts on why it might not…

  • LT8365 Vc pin

    What is the correct value range for the Vc pin?  On my DC2838A Eval board, the value is 1.4V.  On my test board (which is basically a copy with more diode ladder stages), the value is 2.4V.  My problem is that my circuit is not oscillating, and I am poking…

  • RE: LT8365

    I too am having the same issue. The DC2840A works perfectly fine, developing -250 V and is switching at 400 KHz. 

    I modified the DC2840A evaluation board to match the circuit shown as in page 22 of datasheet ( 400kHz, 9V to 30V Input, 125V Output Boost…

  • LTSpice Simulation LT8365

    we are going to use the LT8365 as a Step-Up Converter for generating dynamic Voltage Supply up to +/-110V. In simulation with LTSpice, we got two issues, which we like to address here:

    To filter out the Switching Noise and the resulting Voltage Peaks…

  • LT8365 DC2840A LTSPICE model


    Is there an LTSPICE file available for the demo board or the other polarity version?  Of course, I could create it, but I assume that it exists somewhere, and as always, I am behind schedule.


  • LT8365

    我尝试用数据手册中9-30V升压到125V的电路来进行升压,电路焊接没有问题,但是LT8365貌似没有工作 。我的系统输入为13V,FBX引脚电压是不可思议的8V,并且Vc引脚的电压为0,系统输出为12V。奇怪的是,当我使用镊子触碰Vc引脚时,芯片会出现开关工作的声音,此时测得Vc引脚有微弱的电压,但是输出达不到理想的125V,只有20-30V。当我拿开镊子,芯片就会停止工作。我进行了各种尝试,电路仍然无法工作,让我无法理解的是Vc引脚电压为0并且FBX引脚电压为8V,开关完全没有工作。Vout也仅仅是Vin减去肖特基二极管的压降…

  • Reg. 125 V boost converter circuit in page 22 of LT8365 datasheet


    I am having a DC2840A eval board which works perfectly fine. It develops -250 V when powered with a 10 V input and the switching frequency is about 400 KHz.

    I tried to convert this board into the schematic of +125 V boost converter as shown in page…

  • LT8365 LT-SPICE Simulation


    When the LT8365 LT-SPICE Example simulation will be available?


    Michael H.