• LT8364 Simulation Demo Circuit


    a question regarding the LT8364 Simulation Demo Circuit (and all derivates I have tried so far):

    When placing a current probe (LTSpice) on the LT8364 SW pin the simulation shows very high current peaks (up to 18A) for a brief period of time (up…

  • LT8364 Wont Start

    No matter what I do: change inductor, hardwire enable to +5V, change the part, etc, the part won't start -what am I missing?  We used the same part on another project - this is a slightly different layout.


  • LT8364 load Ohm, Vin 4,6V

    We need Vout 12 V. When Vin 4,6 V and load current 4,6 A, Vout becomes  less than 11 volts. I used this application from datasheet. Also LM8364 and inductors very hot. Please help


  • Boost use of LT8361 and LT8364.

    Dear EngineerZone comunity,

    I have problem to undestand the application notes of LT8361 and LT8364

    http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/lt8361.pdf page 14

    "It is recommended to choose a ∆ISW of approximately 0.75A"…

  • LT8364 vs LT3471 in terms of noise


    Recently I use a LT8364 in a boost converter circuit with switching frequency of 1.2MHz, and found that it's noise is quite higher than a LT3471 boost converter circuit I've previously used. Is the LT8364 a higher noise part than the LT3471?…

  • LT8364 Light Load Deep Burst Mode

    I am experience a concern for my boost converter design. Under a light load condition of 9mA the deep burst mode is generating a ringing effect that could be of a concern for EMI.

    Look at my scope capture for reference. 

    What can I do to help reduce the…

  • LT8364 frequency compensation and soft start

    I want to design a power supply with the following specs:

    Vin: 11-13V (12V nominal)

    Vout: -7.5V

    Iout: 1A

    I have followed the data sheet and calculated the key components and I am doing some simulations with LTSpice to get acquainted with it and to…

  • LT8364 only Burst with large ripple in inverting configuration

    I have developed an inverting converter based on the LT8364. (2MHz, 2.8V to 42V Input, –12V Inverting Converter on Page 25) . The SYNC pin is tied to 2.5V so that the convertor should operate in pulse skipping mode (see table on page 7 of the datasheet…

  • Is it possible to use an external spread spectrum clock for LT8361 (and LT8364) case?


    LT8361 has provision for feeding in an external clock (MODE/SYNC pin), and also a pin to set a fixed frequency clock with a set resistor (RT pin). I would like to feed in a spread spectrum clock to the MODE/SYNC pin to try to spread noise out over…

  • RE: What is best SEPIC Controller Choice

    The LT8364 has a guaranteed switch current of 4A. If used as a SEPIC for 5V out from a 3.0V source, the max load available will be about 1A. If this power is enough for you, the LT8364 should be fine. If not, the LT3579 is a much better option.