• LT8364 Don't start during load


    I have designed a SEPIC converter out of your datasheet, page 25, with an input span from 4.5-30 volt and the output at 25 volt will be used to charge a capacitor of 14mF.
    When I put on the voltage, testing with 12 v to 30v,  at the input the output…

  • LT8364


  • About the audible noise when using LT8364 with pulse skipping mode

    In p. 17 of the LT8364's datasheet, it mentions at light loads in burst mode, may cause audible noise. Then what about in pulse skipping mode? 


  • Inverting Configuration Using LT8364 - 28Vin and -35Vout


    I am using the LT8364 to Generate -35V Output from 28V Input. My application load current is low (say, 10mA Max) .  I am using the reference circuit as mentioned in the datasheet. I'm not able to realize the output. 

    I was using the LT8361 before…

  • Designing with LT8364

    Hi Team, 
    We want to generate a +50V using an LT8364 chip.
    The input is from a 3.7V battery.
    What is the maximum load current that can be connected at this condition?.
    Also, I am attaching the circuit herewith,
    Please let me know if there are any corrections…

  • LT8364 / LT3094 VIOC behaviour

    I am attempting to use the VIOC capability of the LT3094 to control an upstream LT8364, as shown:

    This works as expected with little to no bypass capacitor on the LT3094 SET pin:

    However, increasing the bypass cap (C7) to 100nF or more prevents the…

  • Negative input to negative output with LT8364

    Hi, ADI experts:

        I want to convert a -12V input DC voltage to a -1.5V to -5.5V, Io=-3A output DC voltage by LT8364,  is it possible?

    my assumption is shown below. Any more detailed application circuits or notes could be given for LT8364, especially for…

  • Noise on LT8652S and LT8364 outputs


    I am using a LT8652S and a LT8364 to generate +15V, +5V and -15V from 18V.

    Overall its working, but I am measuring some noise (not switching noise) on the +-15V outputs, which I cant really identify. Also the +5V output starts oscillating at >0…

  • LT8364 inverting load transient response


    I am currently simulating a circuit with the LT8364 in inverting configuration. So far I am satisfied with the results, only the load transient response is really slow and I get a voltage drop of about 0.8V for a load of 0.3A to 1A to 0.3A which…

  • LT8364 带轻载时可编程电源显示电流波动较大

    在设计使用LT8364的DC-DC电源,在轻载时可编程电源输出电流波动较大(18V输出带载820R,外部电源显示电流自10mA至50mA波动),在外部电源输入处有并联4只100uF的电解电容,调试过程中尝试修改 VC引脚上的 RC 环路,也更改过芯片的工作频率都没有改善。电路原理图如下,R5、R8的值在原理图上用的默认值没做修改。