• LT8362 coupled inductor

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Does the phase polarity of the coupled inductor matter for the LT8362 configured as inverting converter?


    page 20


  • LT8362 mode pin problem


    I am prototyping for LT8362 for a "SEPIC doubled boost" converter for 80 V 100 mA output from 5 to 8 V input. All seems to work fine, EXCEPT that above roughly 7 V input the switching waveform becomes very unstable and "noisy".…

  • LT8362 output shoots to maximum

    I want to know, what will be the impact, if I probe 16V with 2Mohm in between to the VC pin i.e. voltage compensation of the IC. Power supply is common for the system and the one end of the resistor. Basically, I am talking about the megger/insulation…

  • LT8362: Protect Vin from Reverse Polarity?

    I am designing a SEPIC converter using the LT8362 to output 5V in a 12V automotive application.  The LT8362 was chosen to keep the 5V circuit alive even during cold cranking.  Here is the datasheet:



  • Cannot generate -5V from 6V with LT8362 and LT3091


    I have an issue with my power supply tree:

    6V -> LT8362 -> -6V -> LT3091 -> -5V

    When I power on my board and I enable the LT3091:

    - the LT8362 output is oscillating (dc=-5.5V, ac=1.5V)
    - the LT3091 output is noisy

    Please find above…

  • LT8362 SEPIC supply: Poorer regulation when externally clocked from an LTC6908-1


    I was wondering if someone at Analog could advise on the following.

    I am currently designing a 24V 0.2A SEPIC supply utilizing an LT8362 for the effect.

    The SEPIC forms part of a multi output SMPS design featuring out of phase sync lines feeding ev…

  • LT8362 suggested boost layout lacks a detail - and is it really a good suggestion?

    In the datasheet is this suggested layout for LT8362 as boost converter as shown here:

    I have highlighted the SW node in red.

    Question: There is no connection between the two red nodes (SW). I assume it is implicit that it is connected on another layer…

  • LT8361/LT3862 for 12V to -33V@200mA

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I can see that the LT8361 has an example for 12V to -48V@290mA (page 25).

    The LT8362 looks similar except for lower SW voltage but has a better package. 

    How do I determine if the LT8362 is suitable for my application?

    Regards Joe

  • RE: The gm of error amplifier used in LT1931

    Please look at the LT8362 datasheet. The datasheet provides instruction on how to design an inverting supply as well as provides examples and layout guidance. If you need more current, you can go to the LT8364.

  • RE: LTspice, Capacitor "Series Inductance" and HF Spikes


    DC2517A can support a maximum load of about 1A, as shown in the demo manual. The LT8362 guarantees 2A of switch current. Switch current is different than load current. Please check that out in your simulation circuit.

    As of now I do not have a SEPIC…