• RE: Can I use LT8330(or LT8335)convert 12V to 48V/100mA and -48V/100mA

    No, LT8335 won't work due to its SW pin voltage rating.

    Are the positive current and the negative current equal all the time? If yes, you can use LT8361.

    If not, I'd suggest you to use two LT8361's, one for positive and one for negative.

  • RE: Boost use of LT8361 and LT8364.

    Ok, thank you very much for your support.

    Happy weekend.


    Because LT8331 is not currently available, I am forced to use LT8361

    The LT8361 could also be configured to deliver 100V, but additional components would be necessary as the switch…
  • 100V with LT8361

    Hello All.

    I am trying to generate 100V with LT8361 and was looking into the circuits and design recommendations. I simulated the circuit given on page number 23 under "450kHz, 5V to 60V Input, 80V Boost Converter", using LTSpice. It generates 80 Volts…

  • RE: LT8361 vs LT8331

    Hi Dave,

    The highest output voltage you need of 140V could not be done with the LT8331, even if it could switch at 2MHz. That is because its max switch voltage rating is 140V, and when you add the voltage drops the switch would exceed its max rating.

  • RE: LT8362 SEPIC supply: Poorer regulation when externally clocked from an LTC6908-1

    Hello, Mr Fonseca,

    The application you have described should not be done with the LT8362. This converter has a switch voltage rating of 60V. A 24V output with a 60V input will exceed the switch rating by at least 24V. In a SEPIC application Vsw=max Vin…

  • LT8361 controll SS pin

    Dear all,

    is it possible to control the SS pin with DAC voltage ( 0-3.3V) trough 15kOhm resistor in order to limit the output current of the boost converter?

    We want tho charge approx.  300uF capacitor  over some time (15ms) and we want to do the charging…

  • RE: Is it possible to use an external spread spectrum clock for LT8361 (and LT8364) case?

    Dear dulcevida, 

    thanks for your answer.

    My question is about the possibility to use an  external clock that is already SSFM ("A synchronizing signal that incorporates spread spectrum").

    I know already that is possible to use Spread Spectrum XOR…

  • LT8361 as supply for vintage valve radios

    I have been tasked with developing a compact HT battery eliminator which will generate up to 90V at no more than 10 mA from a 12V battery pack.
    The idea is to have switchable values for R1, R2 to allow the pack to generate a the variety of output volt…

  • 12V输入±48输出,电源方案咨询,LT8361和LT8330(LT8335)



        1、输入:+12V    输出:+48V/100mA-48V/100mA



        下面简单介绍下前两周我们在ADI找到的两款芯片:LT8361      LT8330-1ALT8335-2A)。如有其它更好的方案,望推荐。




  • The circuit current built by LT8361 is short of design requirements.

    Hello All

    I built an adjustable boost circuit by LT8361;

    Here is my reference circuit:

    Q: I built this circuit in LTspice,(Notes:I change the R2 to be 36.5K ohm ),

    The Vout is 75.15V in LTspice when no load; actually I got the Vout in my PCB board is…