• LT8361 switch maximum rating


    I have a question regarding the maximum Vds of the switching FET of LT8361.

    It is an absolute maximum rating according to page 2 of the datasheet.

    What does it mean exactly? Is this a Vds breakdown voltage?

    Can you provide min/typ/max values for…

  • 100V with LT8361

    Hello All.

    I am trying to generate 100V with LT8361 and was looking into the circuits and design recommendations. I simulated the circuit given on page number 23 under "450kHz, 5V to 60V Input, 80V Boost Converter", using LTSpice. It generates 80 Volts…

  • LT8361 efficiency

    I'm testing the circuit from this article:


    Figure 8, 24V SEPIC converter. I'm powering the circuit from…

  • LT8361 vs LT8331

    At the moment I have designed a board using the LT8361 but am limited by the max voltage of the internal switch. (100V)
    The pin compatible LT8331 has the ideal switch voltage but doesn't go fast enough. Dilemma !
    My application only needs to supply 20mA…

  • LT8361 controll SS pin

    Dear all,

    is it possible to control the SS pin with DAC voltage ( 0-3.3V) trough 15kOhm resistor in order to limit the output current of the boost converter?

    We want tho charge approx.  300uF capacitor  over some time (15ms) and we want to do the charging…

  • RE: LT8361 LTSpice Simulation doesn't match datasheet?

    Hello, It seems in the attached simulation, you did not connect the EN/UVLO pin to the VIN power line properly. Please check that. I downloaded your simulation schematic and diode model to my computer, and fixed the missed EN/UVLO connection and it regulates…

  • Boost use of LT8361 and LT8364.

    Dear EngineerZone comunity,

    I have problem to undestand the application notes of LT8361 and LT8364

    http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/lt8361.pdf page 14

    "It is recommended to choose a ∆ISW of approximately 0.75A"…

  • LT8361 +24V to -15V Inverting converter


    I'm working on a inverting converter 24Vdc to -15Vdc, I meet some trouble on starting.

    Internal mosfet didn't switch and SW voltage stay to Vin.

    A first mistake was detected on Bias pin where it connected to Vout. However after modification…

  • LT8361 as supply for vintage valve radios

    I have been tasked with developing a compact HT battery eliminator which will generate up to 90V at no more than 10 mA from a 12V battery pack.
    The idea is to have switchable values for R1, R2 to allow the pack to generate a the variety of output volt…

  • Output variation according to temperature on LT8361

    Hi, everyone.

    When I checked the data sheet of LT8361, I couldn't find the accuracy or draft factor in output voltage according to temperature.

    Does anyone know about this specification?

    According to LT simulation, there was a 0.1% change between…