• lt8331 Negative voltage converter

    Compare the 135v converter shown on page 23 of the datasheet to the -120v converter shown in fig. 2 of Jesus Rosales' Design Note 545:

    135v converter and -120v converter


    -120v converter layout

    I built both designs.  The 135v…

  • LT8331 Thermal management

    Im using LT8331 for voltage conversion, feeding it with 12V. its getting hot and i was wondering how I can reduce the input current. if I reduce the input voltage how does it affect the functionality of the device?  SYNC and BIAS are grounded.

  • LT8331 SYNC/MODE pin floating


    I am using LT8331 in my project and connected the SYNC/MODE pin to INTVcc with 0ohm resistor.

    In few boards I forgot to assemble the 0ohm resistor and the SYNC/MODE pin was floating while activating my board.

    Will the LT8331 can get any damage if SYNC…

  • 想咨询下,LT8331升压器的问题


  • LT8361 vs LT8331

    At the moment I have designed a board using the LT8361 but am limited by the max voltage of the internal switch. (100V)
    The pin compatible LT8331 has the ideal switch voltage but doesn't go fast enough. Dilemma !
    My application only needs to supply 20mA…

  • RE: looking for a solution of transformer-free up-converter to generate 150~200V 5-10mA

    Hi bradlin,

    If LT8365 is not available, how about try using LT8331: LT8331 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices which is a similar product. Try using the typical application found on page 24 of the datasheet as your reference.

  • RE: LT8471 Flyback 2-pair output ref circuit

    I checked LT8302, it's familiar with LT8304, but there's no ref pin for LT8471 to use.

    LT8331 has flyback demo circuit, I try to follow the flyback circuit and draw a circuit as below.

    From LT8471's spec I got the Vout formula. Vout=VFB*(Ra/Rb…

  • RE: Searching for an Inverting Converter Solution?

    The best option for this application is the one using LT8304-1. The LT8331 will have difficulty delivering 1mA at 5Vin. 

    However, if you reduce the load current and wish to pursue the LT8331 option, the figure below shows how to connect the additional…

  • RE: Voltage inverter for LT3482


    there are many other parts dedicated to producing negative voltages, such as LT1931, LT3483, and others.

    LT8331, LT8361, LT8365 and LT8362.can generate, and regulate either, positive or negative.

    Depending on your requirements, one of those should…

  • RE: LT3579 Vout setting with DAC

    I'd recommend you switch to LT8331. And, for better output control, it is better if you use separate converters, one for the positive output and one for the negative. 

    Please check the datasheet for details. 

    The switch voltage for LT3579 is too low…