• RE: Inverter Regulator for -1V generation from 5V battery

    Please confirm part LT8330 will support -1V output. What is the output voltage range LT8330 will support .

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    LT8330, documentation p.17 has a reference circuit of 48V Boost Converter.

    Duty cycle is ~94%. A max allowed duty cycle is ~84% even for 65 ns On-Time.

    Is this circuit correct?

    The table defines On-Time for Vin = 24V.

    If On-Time has another value…

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    According to the constraints specified in the data sheet for the LT8330, the SEPIC inverting converter voltage output can be no greater than half that of the non-inverting boost converter.  At least, this is what I read considering the limits that can…

  • RE: LT8330 Inverting Converter Output Current and Voltage

    My recommendation is to design your circuit for DCM operation as I already stated.  I show one such circuit from the LT8330 datasheet in the image below.  You can tell the circuit is designed for DCM since the inductor is small, the step-up ratio is large…

  • RE: LT8330 at 8v-40v -/+15V - Suitable to source Op Amp on dac's output circuit?

    The LT8330 makes a good positive and negative output DC-DC converter for signal processing circuits, especially since the LT8330 is designed to be efficient even at light loads.  The positive and negative idea can apply to the other inverting converter circuits…

  • RE: LT8330 absolute maximum rating between EN/UVLO and VIN

    The LT8330 designer told me previously that 6V was deliberately chosen as the abs. max. voltage for the "EN/UVLO Pin Above VIN Pin" rating.  I don't think the 6V rating is due to a protection diode breakdown voltage, but customers should avoid…

  • RE: LT8330 Design Problem

    I'm attempting to use the LT8330 as a boost converter, following the cookbook schematic on a board that mimics the DC2018A demo board and I'm only getting the supply voltage out of the Schottky diode.  I'm looking for an authoritative answer that…

  • Can I use LT8330(or LT8335)convert 12V to 48V/100mA and -48V/100mA

    I found that LT8330 can convert 12V to ±15V from datasheet.

    Then I simulationed a circuit which using LT8335 convert 12V to ±48V/100mA successfully.I want to know if this circuit can get used actually.And is there a better solution? 

  • 12V输入±48输出,电源方案咨询,LT8361和LT8330(LT8335)



        1、输入:+12V    输出:+48V/100mA-48V/100mA



        下面简单介绍下前两周我们在ADI找到的两款芯片:LT8361      LT8330-1ALT8335-2A)。如有其它更好的方案,望推荐。




  • RE: LT1945 Design for 100mA on -15V & +15V


    The datasheet says both converters are designed with a 350mA current limit, that however, is referring to the switch current limit, and not to the output current available.

    The schematics provided at the front and last pages of the datasheet are useful…