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  • LT8316 Output Instability Problem



    Iam working 140VDC-70VDC range input 24V/1.5A range output DC-DC converter for railways application.


    The circuit should give 24VDC/1.5A output in the 140VDC-70VDC input voltage range.


    There is almost no output voltage variation at light load but…

  • LT8316 evaluation board DC2793A

    Would you teach what is the purpose of C21 capacitor in DC2793A. 

    Is it for phase compensation or noise filter on FB ?

    what is the typical value range of the capacitor?

  • LT8316 XFMR Primary Inductance


    In page 15 of the datasheets, an equation shows the 3rd limit of XFMR primary inductance.
    It seems to give us the minimum inductance value to provide the maximum output power at fsw(MAX).

    I wonder why this eq. uses fsw(MAX) to calculate the maximum…

  • LT8316 Ringing at Low Nps Transformer

    LT8316 Ringing at Low Nps Transformer


    In page 16 of the datasheet, there described is a problem about ringing which may cause light-load instability if it exceeds ton(MIN).
    I guess this ringing means the one just after turn-off of the primary switch…

  • LT8316 INTVCC Issue

    I have recently switched from prototype to production of a power supply using the LT8316 IC.

    I have a batch of supplies, and 3 out of 5 do not charge the INTVCC capacitor. The PCBs are identical, from the same batch and are all fly-probe tested by the…

  • LT8316 + LT8309 VIN=48V VOUT=5V

    I'm a DFAE in Japan.

    My customer tested his own circuit and found the vout variation issue.

    I attached his circuit diagram and vout vs load current plot.

    I checked minimum load condition and Lpri value and I confirmed the circuit the requirements…

  • LT8316 Output Current Regulation Equation

    Hello all;

     I'm wondering about a number in an equation in page19 of the LT8316 datasheet.

     There is an "Iout=" equation with a number "25" in the denominator.

     I appriciate it if you could give me a bit of your knowledge.

    Thank you…