• LT8316 Feedback loop measurement

    Dear support,

    I would like to measure the feedback loop of LT8316 circuit. The documentation doesn`t provide too much details about compensation and loop measurement. 

    I have tried to measure the loop response with a traditional method, by injecting a…

  • LT8316

    Hello Guys,

    Need schematic for 20v to 220v input and 12v 3amp output power supply using LT8316

  • lt8316

    Hi All,

    I have a simulated buck converter using LT8316 in the LTspice environment. Although the circuit similar to what shown in picture 7 of datasheet the results are weird. Has anybody this circuit simulated? It seems the chip has no control over output…

  • RE: About the impulse withstand voltage of LT8316

    Please consider using a clamping circuit to limit the Vin pin voltage.  

  • LT8316 Voltage Spikes

    Hello everyone,

    I am facing a problem and I hope someone can help me with.

    I am student Electrical Engineer, I am trying to build a flyback converter which converts 350 V DC to 12 V DC at 0.125A.

    I used the demo circuit made by Analog, see circuit below…

  • LT8316 transformer selection

    I'm using LT8316 to build a no-opto isolated flyback converter with 12V/3A, the recommended transformers as per the datasheet are Sumida 11328-T078, Sumida 11328-T074, Wurth 750317589, Wurth 750317463, However none of these are available on Digikey.c…

  • LT8316 Feedback question

    Hi ADIexpert

    my coustomer would like to built a DC 110Vin to 12Vout/5A flyback with LT8316

    however, the feedback function of all of the reference design in the datasheet and also EVB  are based on a 3rd winding topology

    since my customer already has a…

  • LT8316 as a Buck Regulator

    Hello - is there any documentation available for using the LT8316 as a buck regulator?  I am designing a circuit which is very close to the example circuit given in Figure 9 (with an extended VIN input voltage using zener diodes for up to 1000V in), but…

  • LT8316 trouble with mosfet gate drive


    I have been prototyping a SMPS using an LT8316 chip. I have had this sucessfully working on a previous revision, but am currently having issues with the gate drive to the mosfet on this latest version. The only changes between the two was…