• LT8316 evaluation board DC2793A

    Would you teach what is the purpose of C21 capacitor in DC2793A. 

    Is it for phase compensation or noise filter on FB ?

    what is the typical value range of the capacitor?

  • LT8316 + LT8309 VIN=48V VOUT=5V

    I'm a DFAE in Japan.

    My customer tested his own circuit and found the vout variation issue.

    I attached his circuit diagram and vout vs load current plot.

    I checked minimum load condition and Lpri value and I confirmed the circuit the requirements…

  • LT8316 Output Current Regulation Equation

    Hello all;

     I'm wondering about a number in an equation in page19 of the LT8316 datasheet.

     There is an "Iout=" equation with a number "25" in the denominator.

     I appriciate it if you could give me a bit of your knowledge.

    Thank you…

  • LT8316 15V/3A Output

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We are using the LT8316 as a buck converter for 400V to 15V. The Componets ar selected to run up to 3A.
    As a test voltage we used 100V. The buck converter works well with low current. But when we increase the current, the circuit fails and…

  • LT8316 design as non-isolate buck regulator // Increase current output //

    Dear Sir ,

                 Does LT8316 can be design as non-isolate buck regulator with output current more than 200mA as per data sheet ? ( Output needed 15V/1A ) , If can't please help to advise another p/n with AECQ qualification.

                 The design use with…

  • LT8316 Bode Plot


    I'm using LT8316 for a flyback converter. I have tried injecting small AC voltage thru the FB pin to obtain bode plot but the result was not correct. Is there any other way to obtain frequency response of the control loop? Or can I be missing some…

  • LT8316 and DC2781

    Dear Sir/Madam, 

    I am using LT8316 as a controller for a 600V to 12V buck converter in my system.

    Basically I am just copying the design of DC2781 including the schematics and components selection, and just modify the layout according to my application…

  • Non-isolated LT8316 does not work

    Circuit: www.analog.com/.../lt8316.pdf

    Hi there,

    I have built a circuit based on the datasheet application Figure 9. Nonisolated 24V Buck Converter with Optional Undervoltage Lockout (with modified feedback and components due to availability at our distributors…

  • LT8316 Feedback loop measurement

    Dear support,

    I would like to measure the feedback loop of LT8316 circuit. The documentation doesn`t provide too much details about compensation and loop measurement. 

    I have tried to measure the loop response with a traditional method, by injecting a…

  • LT8316 design tool request

    Dear Sir,

    Does LT8316 have design tool?

    Customer need to design LT8316 flyback transformer.