• LT8315 issues

    In reply to the discussion :https://ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a/109766/reason-for-lt8315-failure-along-with-output-capacitor

    Inductor Voltage rating :400v

    Switch current limit :270mA

    Again IC failed with same burnt mark after replacing standard inductor…

  • lt8315 and uvlo implementation

    I would like to implement UVLO with resistor divider connected to Vin. This looks simple.

    But in lt8315 datasheet , (section Protection from Shorted Output Conditions) looks like you use UVLO connected to tertiary
    winding, to protect from shorted conditions…

  • LT8315 doesn't work properly

    Hi there!

    I am using LT8315 as a non-isolated buck converter. The input range is 200-400V, the output is 12V 100mA (max)

    LTspice simulation shows ok in the input range 30V-400V with static load 120mA.

    But actually it works from 30V up to 200V and the…

  • LT8315 non isolated buck application

    I am trying to simulate non isolated buck converter with LT8315 ic given in  datasheet as  application example of LT8315 in LTspice software. the output is not regulated and does not give 12 volts as per given design . could you please tell what could…

  • LT8315. 2 isolated outputs ?


    I am using the LT8315 with the transformer 750316022 as the datasheet sugest.

    I want to know if I can split the output to get 2 isolated outputs.

    Vin = 120V

    The circuit is very noisy and I want to identify why. 

  • lt8315 Leakage Inductance and Snubbers


    I used evaluation design DC2337A-3. 

    Changed only transformer to WURTH 750813144 (for 21V output),  FB resistor (R9) and R7 to 0.18.

    Layout is also from DC2337A-3, only small changes due to transofrmer, and GND is polygon pour on both layers.

    With no…

  • Isolated 5V supply with LT8315 possible?


    I look for a solution with LT8315: up to 310Vac with 5V output.

    Can I use LT8315 for that purpose? Many reference designs are for 12V and above.

  • LT8315 non-isolated application decoupling capacitor

    Hi, support team

    I'm evaluating LT8315 non-isolated circuit on page 21 Figure 9.

    After applying Vin, I want this circuit to start up ASAP.

    The IREG/SS capacitor is effective for the slope, but does not seem to be effective for the rising start point…

  • LT8315 non-isolated application phase margin

    Hi, support team

    I'm evaluating LT8315 non-isolated circuit on page 21 Figure 9.

    I want to measure the phase margin of this circuit.

    However, I don't know how to measure it because it is not a general Buck.

    How can I measure the phase margin using…

  • Reason for LT8315 failure along with output capacitor


    I am using LT8315 as a buck converter for converting 363V to 15V @0.2A.IC is worked fine.

    Recently we had the failure in LT8315 with controller which shows burnt mark.

    The output capacitor also burnt and impedance is measured as short.

    The impedance…