• LT8304 circuit

    I have this circuit as per datasheet, but the output voltage 3.3Vis not stable.

    when i apply 25V input its output is 3.3V, but if i load it with 100mA the 3.3V rail dips.

    when i go 50V input it rises to 4V but still the rail dips with even 100mA load…

  • LT8304 flyback

    Hi all,

    i have a transformer with 5 secondary, each with different turn ratio; because i want to have different voltage. It is possible tu use the LT8304 with this type of transformer?? Now i use a PWM controller.

    In the datasheet i found only examples…

  • LT8304-1 Transformator

    Dear All

    I wpuld liek to built the circuit 1000V/10mA with the LT8304-1 from Design Note DN 1047.

    But I don't found any information for the suggested trasnsformator:

    Sumida, 0399-T208.

    Does somebody has a datasheet or mor information for the suggested…

  • LT8304 Boost Converter


    I am attempting to develop a converter capable of converting 24VDC to 150VDC, with approximately 20mA output current (although this is flexible at the minute).
    I have used the LT8304 datasheet to adapt the 200V Flyback Converter on page 23 to my…

  • LT8304 input range and transformer

    For LT8304 the trnsformer selection chart is datsheet have input voltage range of 36-75V for 3.3V output.

    What is the input Voltage range is 12V to 60V?

  • LT8302/LT8304 design


    my new design condition:VIN=16~40VDC; vout=8V; IOUT=1.25A  ;topology:flyback isolated.

    please give me some suggestion or applications.

    I  calculated by LTPOWERCAD,  NP/NS_min=3.81;  NP/NS_max=13.1; and Ipk=1.93A;  the Ipk close to Isw(2A),it is ok…

  • 15KV DC 1mA using LT8304-1


    Is it possible to generate 15KV with minimum 1mA output using LT8304-1 using voltage multiplier or transformer selection or stacking?

    Thanks & Regards,



  • LT8304 Flyback converter Transformer recommendation

    Hi all,

    I'm designing signal amplifier using ADHV4702 to amplify signal amplitude up to 80V.

    So I'm thinking to make 12VDC VIN to +-50VDC VOUT flyback converter using LT8304 or LT8304-1 for ADHV4702's supply.

    Could you recommend proper…

  • LT8304 High Voltage with Voltage Multiplier


    I want to generate 3kV for the final application, but for the moment I try to generate 2kV for simulation.

    For this I use a flyback converter with LT8304 converter to generate 500V and a quadrupler voltage to obtain 2kV.

    The flyback only generate…

  • LT8304-1 output filter suggestions

    I'm planning to use LT8304-1 to generate 310V, 30ma according to the circuit on page 24 of the datasheet (it shows 200V output, but I'm going to adjust the Rfb to get the voltage I need). 

    What are suggested LC filter component values to reduce…