• LT8302 theta j-c


    Our customer is evaluating LT8302.

    He asks theta j-c of LT8302 .

    I do not find theta j-c in the datasheet.

    If you have its information, please let me know it.



  • LT8302+LT8640S simualtion


    Our customer will use LT8302 fly back and LT8640S.

    (24V-> 5.5V by LT8302 and 5.5V-Vf-> 3.3V about 4A by LT8640S.

    (Refer to attached slide 1)

    He simulated this design by LTspice.

    (Result is attached slide 2)


    When LT8302 SW current reaches…

  • RE: LT8302/LT8304 design


    thanks to reply me,

    1.because I have apply to purchase LT8302,can you tell me why  LT8302 cannot provide 1.25A output current at 16Vin? 

    2.For a proper design, LT8302 outputs 1.06A at 16Vin.---so need change  Z1-->CMZ5934B(VZ=18V), and…

  • LT8302 cross regulation of multi output circuit

    Hi,Support team

    I made the same circuit as the LT8302 data sheet p.22 [8V to 36VIN/±12VOUT Isolated Flyback Converter] .

    When this was evaluated, the value of cross regulation was as large as 1.5V or more.

    Do you have a cross-regulation value…

  • LT8302 design

    hi ,

    I have apply to purchase LT8302and LT8304, please give me some suggestions,I just have reviewd the datasheet of LT8302 ,typical specification :8Vout  Iout=0.9A is very close  to my design, my design condition: VIN=16~40VDC, vout=8V,Iout=1.25A, please…

  • LT8302 high space radiation


    I have a problem with the LT8302 the device creates to much radiation.
    The following schematic I have used:

    I got this report from the testing agency the left graph has the probe horizontal and the right is the test probe vertical:

    With no load connected…

  • RE: LT8301 negative voltage

    LT8301's Vin minimum is 2.7V, does not go negative.

    If you are interested in negative input applications, LT8302 datasheet has two such circuits on page 23.

  • RE: LT8302 Voltage ringing

    HI Nozawa,

    It is best to reduce that spike as much as possible, otherwise, the output voltage regulation is affected. I will limit it within 1V, according to my experience.

    10% of peak value is not acceptable. RC snubber helps to damp this spike.

  • LT8302 LT8304 Voltage Controlled Output Voltage

    I'm using the LT8302 in a DCDC converter design with the following requirements:

    9 - 18V Input
    0.5 to 2.5V Output, adjustable from primary side via a voltage input
    0 to 2.5A

    I have been successful in varying the output using a potentiometer to achieve…