• LT8302

    I have been attempting to use the LT8302/4 with a fixed voltage input and a variable voltage output. This is not following the design guidelines, but using the Vout equation to determine the needed turns ratio and feed back resistor, and then running…

  • design a 5KV isolation power by LT8302

    Hi, recently we need a 5V to 6V/0.5A with 5KV isolation power. so we think LT8302 is a good solution.

    we try to build a board w a 5KV transformer and we found it not work.

    we started trouble shooting last week & found the transformer coupling rate is…

  • LT8302 reference design for 750313441

    Is there a reference design for the 2:1 wurth 750313441 listed in the LT8302 datasheet?  Specs are 1.3A @ 5V

    Here is what I have currently for reference.

  • Paralleling LT8302


    Is it OK to parallel (i.e. tie together) the outputs of 2 DC2821A EVKs (which is based on LT8302) to produce higher power? We'd like to get a single isolated 12V 2.5A outputs from 2 EVKs.


  • LT8302 Multiple output

    Hi team,

    I am considering multi-output using LTspice.

    In order to verify the abnormal mode, we confirmed the operation by increasing load current only one of the multiple outputs.

    At that time, LTSpice was behaving unexpectedly.

    I would like to know…

  • LT8302-3 massive voltage ringing

    Hi Engineers.

    I designed and built a dc/dc converter 12-32V 20V nominal to 20V out according to the datasheet procedure. The application is for an IGBT gate driver with 20KV isolation.

    In order to meet 20KV isolation I'm using a TDK B66417 core with a…

  • LT3002 vs LT8302 power

    I have a little confusing regarding 10W isolated output power of LT3002. 

    It is the same with LT8302 but LT8302 can output up to 18W? What cause this difference?

    I assume the current rating of internal DMOS power switch is less than 3.6A as outlined in…

  • 3kV flyback design with LT8302


    Actually I want to design a 3kV/4W generator.I don't want to generate 3kV directly at the out of the flyback transformer (Because of the size of the transformer) but to generate 1.5kV and to add a voltage doubler.

    Without the voltage doubler…

  • Average LTSPICE model of the LT8302 IC


    I am looking for an average LTSPICE model of the LT8302 IC in order to realize an AC analysis (phase / gain margin simulation). Could you please tell me if there is one available?

    Thanks in advance


  • LT8302 high space radiation


    I have a problem with the LT8302 the device creates to much radiation.
    The following schematic I have used:

    I got this report from the testing agency the left graph has the probe horizontal and the right is the test probe vertical:

    With no load connected…