• RE: LT8302 Multiple output

    Hi T-yoshi,

    Apology for late reply. You may send your simulation file to me at fil.balat@analog.com

  • LT8302-3 massive voltage ringing

    Hi Engineers.

    I designed and built a dc/dc converter 12-32V 20V nominal to 20V out according to the datasheet procedure. The application is for an IGBT gate driver with 20KV isolation.

    In order to meet 20KV isolation I'm using a TDK B66417 core with a…

  • 3kV flyback design with LT8302


    Actually I want to design a 3kV/4W generator.I don't want to generate 3kV directly at the out of the flyback transformer (Because of the size of the transformer) but to generate 1.5kV and to add a voltage doubler.

    Without the voltage doubler…

  • LT3002 vs LT8302 power

    I have a little confusing regarding 10W isolated output power of LT3002. 

    It is the same with LT8302 but LT8302 can output up to 18W? What cause this difference?

    I assume the current rating of internal DMOS power switch is less than 3.6A as outlined in…

  • Average LTSPICE model of the LT8302 IC


    I am looking for an average LTSPICE model of the LT8302 IC in order to realize an AC analysis (phase / gain margin simulation). Could you please tell me if there is one available?

    Thanks in advance


  • LT8302 IOUT(MAX) and duty cycle calculation


    I'm referring LT8302-8302-3.pdf datasheet. Table 2 at Page 18/26. I want to know how last 2 columns are calculated?  i.e., Iout (max.) and duty cycle (%)

  • LT8302 high space radiation


    I have a problem with the LT8302 the device creates to much radiation.
    The following schematic I have used:

    I got this report from the testing agency the left graph has the probe horizontal and the right is the test probe vertical:

    With no load connected…

  • LT8302 cross regulation of multi output circuit

    Hi,Support team

    I made the same circuit as the LT8302 data sheet p.22 [8V to 36VIN/±12VOUT Isolated Flyback Converter] .

    When this was evaluated, the value of cross regulation was as large as 1.5V or more.

    Do you have a cross-regulation value…

  • LT8302 INTVCC byopass capacitor minimum worst value


    According to the LT8302 datasheet P7, INTVCC shows, “Locally bypass this pin to ground with a minimum 1μF ceramic capacitor.”

    Here is the "1005 size" capacitor calculation sample.  Minimum worst value is 1μF × 0.9 × 0.9 × 0…

  • LT8302 soft start


    Does LT8302 have  the function of soft start for slowly start up because of  reducing inrush current  ?

    Datasheet says that this internal soft start means  output short protection in datasheet rev.E p.17.