• LT8302 design

    hi ,

    I have apply to purchase LT8302and LT8304, please give me some suggestions,I just have reviewd the datasheet of LT8302 ,typical specification :8Vout  Iout=0.9A is very close  to my design, my design condition: VIN=16~40VDC, vout=8V,Iout=1.25A, please…

  • LT8302 high space radiation


    I have a problem with the LT8302 the device creates to much radiation.
    The following schematic I have used:

    I got this report from the testing agency the left graph has the probe horizontal and the right is the test probe vertical:

    With no load connected…

  • LT8302+LT8640S simualtion


    Our customer will use LT8302 fly back and LT8640S.

    (24V-> 5.5V by LT8302 and 5.5V-Vf-> 3.3V about 4A by LT8640S.

    (Refer to attached slide 1)

    He simulated this design by LTspice.

    (Result is attached slide 2)


    When LT8302 SW current reaches…

  • LT8302 Multiple output

    Hi team,

    I am considering multi-output using LTspice.

    In order to verify the abnormal mode, we confirmed the operation by increasing load current only one of the multiple outputs.

    At that time, LTSpice was behaving unexpectedly.

    I would like to know…

  • LT8302 soft start


    Does LT8302 have  the function of soft start for slowly start up because of  reducing inrush current  ?

    Datasheet says that this internal soft start means  output short protection in datasheet rev.E p.17.



  • LT8302 Voltage ringing


    I have a question for LT8302 from the customer.

    I can refer to “Applications Information” of page 16 on the data sheet as follow.
    I understood that the leakage inductance spike ringing should be limited to less than 250ns.
    But I think…

  • RE: LT8302/LT8304 design


    thanks to reply me,

    1.because I have apply to purchase LT8302,can you tell me why  LT8302 cannot provide 1.25A output current at 16Vin? 

    2.For a proper design, LT8302 outputs 1.06A at 16Vin.---so need change  Z1-->CMZ5934B(VZ=18V), and…

  • LT8302 theta j-c


    Our customer is evaluating LT8302.

    He asks theta j-c of LT8302 .

    I do not find theta j-c in the datasheet.

    If you have its information, please let me know it.



  • LT3002 vs LT8302 power

    I have a little confusing regarding 10W isolated output power of LT3002. 

    It is the same with LT8302 but LT8302 can output up to 18W? What cause this difference?

    I assume the current rating of internal DMOS power switch is less than 3.6A as outlined in…

  • LT8302-3 massive voltage ringing

    Hi Engineers.

    I designed and built a dc/dc converter 12-32V 20V nominal to 20V out according to the datasheet procedure. The application is for an IGBT gate driver with 20KV isolation.

    In order to meet 20KV isolation I'm using a TDK B66417 core with a…