• LT8228 Gate Resistors

    Hi EZ team,

    We are planning to use LT8228 for backup supply. IC will boost to hold-ups to 80V and it will buck to 28 fault in any fault conditions in main supply. And power will be around 600W

    I simulated it around 500khz switching frequency.  When M3 mosfets…

  • LT8228 as Supercapacitor charger

    Hi, everybody,

    I am trying to understand if the LT8228 can be used in my application:

    I have an input Voltage of 12V (to say at the V1 input of the LT8228 reference circuit) and I have to charge a supercapacitor bank: 4 strips in series producing a…

  • LT8228 Enabling operation with Buck converter


    I am using LT8228 for battery charging. But there is a strange behavior as follow. Could you tell me what wrong is?


    (1) Input voltage is 60V, output voltage is 50. 

    (2) No load for output port now

    (3) Enable is turned off/on.


    (1) Enable…

  • LT8228 - Independent phase operation


    I'd like to use multiple LT8228 ICs in parallel. Parallel operation is described in the datasheet for fault tolerance using the ISHARE and IGND pins. Using these pins, for example, if there are four parallel converters regulating to a total of 10A…

  • LT8228 Boost mode maximum current?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to make the desired design by connecting LT8228 in parallel.
    I saw connecting 12-phase in the datasheet. I want to meet the following conditions by reducing it to 6-phase.

    How much current can LT8228 produce in boost mode?


  • LT8228 peak current mode control?

    I'm looking into using the LT8228 for bidirectional 48V <--> 24V converter. Been doing a lot of LTspice simulations, and I have a couple dev boards on hand, but wanted to get a better understanding of the internals before I risk blowing up boards…

  • LT8228 Component Selection Question

    Hello, I am working on a custom solution with the LT8228 and have a question on the diode selection for the DV1 component circled below.

    The datasheet specifies this is used to protect the FETs from VGS stress (+/-20V for the FETs I am using and the…

  • RE: LT8228 Hysteresis when switching from Buck- to Boost mode and Vice Versa

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the Info.

    I Found the damaged components, what i did: Connected 28V on V2 to make sure, the LT8228 goes in Boost Mode,

    I Measured DG2 (Gate 2 Voltage) and it was +9Volt Higher then the connected 28V, so the charge pump for on…

  • LT8228 Demo Board Circuit Simulation

    Hello, ADI Engineers

    I've decided to run the DC2351A Demo Board circuit at LTspice, in Buck mode (48V to 12V @ 35A) in order to check the LT8228 signals and its thermal performance, but the simulation failed due no MOSFETs switching. I've double checked…

  • LT8228: Additional Circuitry for Programmable Output Voltage?

    Hello everybody,

    I want to be able to dynamically program the output voltage ofthe LT8228 from a MCU, across a large range from say 10V to 60V. For a Buck only design.

    I was thinking I could create an op amp gain stage between the voltage divider …