• LT8228 USV with Supercharger Capacitor


    Question: Why drops the LT8228 in Boost modus the Voltage down when the voltage at the capacitor falls below 6.5 V?

    Above 6.5 V my expected 24 V are fine.

    Current is set up high enough to get the energie from the capacitor.

    Vin: 24V

    Vout: 10V…

  • LT8228 battery charge

    Dear Sir,

    I want to use LT8228 to design a powerbank with usb type c interface. The battery is 14S. Here I have some questions:

    1. Can I use the boost mode to charge the battery?  The battery connect to V1 and the VBUS of type C connect to V2. 

    2. How does…

  • Questions about LT8228

    Hi ADIExpert

    I have some questions about LT8228 application, may I have your suggestion for them

    1. How does LT8228 change CC to CV mode and vice versa? couldn't find the description in the datasheet.

    2. If I used 10 phases of LT8228 , and take each…

  • CCCV in LT8228

    I Have been reading about the product and it has description about the CCCV on the first page but how to design the CCCV charger has not been shown. If you could please help me with same

  • LT8228 simulation for boost mode

    Hi, ADI Engineer.

    I want to ask about how to switch boost mode in LT8228 in the simulation of LTSpice as currently, I want to test and see the simulation of LT8228 in boost mode by using its macro model's test fixture which is Buck 560W (14V 40A) and…

  • LT8228: Additional Circuitry for Programmable Output Voltage?

    Hello everybody,

    I want to be able to dynamically program the output voltage ofthe LT8228 from a MCU, across a large range from say 10V to 60V. For a Buck only design.

    I was thinking I could create an op amp gain stage between the voltage divider …

  • LT8228 Demo Board Schematic Orcad File

    Dear All:

    I Need LT8228 demo board P/N:DC2351A Orcad .DSN & PADS Layout  files to design my system .can you provide to me verify? thanks

    DC2351A PDF:www.analog.com/.../DC2351A.html



  • LT8228 question regarding V1 (high side) CSA stability


    I have a problem with a custom board designed using the LT8228 and stability of the V1 CSA.

    With no stability capacitor fitted (C12 in the section below) I cannot get the LT8228 to remain in operation.
    It will start switching and then shut down…

  • RE: Using LT8228 LTspice module as a subcircuit in a hierarchical schematic design?


    Are you are trying to create a hierarchical block that contains the LT8228?

    If so, try to do the following steps:

    (1) Open the demo sim file for LT8228 and remove the input source and output load. 

    (2)  Add net names or labels to specific nodes that…

  • RE: USV B&B Converter with Supercapacitor Charger ?

    Hello Patrick,

    there are several, but mainly in my eyes is following:
    LT8228 features as switching stage  half bridge setup combination which offers Buck operation in one direction and Boost operation the other direction, hence the relation of Vin vs Vout…