• RE: LT8210 Buck Converter Frequency Response - Stability Question

    Hi Kevin,

    My name is Chris Gass. I am the factory application engineer supporting the LT8210. 

    A few things:

    1. This looks like you are in buck mode. Am I correct? Also, What mode are you operating?

    1. I generally do not look at low frequency response…

  • LT8210

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On the product page for the LT8210 is written there is support for this device by LTpowerCAD. And indeed the LT8210 is part of the list, but unfortunately the design tool buttons are not working for this part. I have use Sync/Release but…

  • LT8210

    Coul you explain me what means „TO ADC” going from IMON pin on the schematics of LT8210 in data sheet.

    Analog to digital converter or something else.

    I would be cery grateful for help.

  • lt8210

    is it possible to use lt8210 for variable output from 10v to 60v ?

    i am considering using digipot to vary the output voltage

    and if so can you provide  some guidance with schematic i am considering to use lithium ion battery pack of fix 24v, or maybe …

  • RE: LT8210 mode

    Hello Jano

    The same issue. Only WEB button work and open LT8210 product page.
    Sync LTpowerCAD is not resolve problem.

    -- Regards,


  • LT8210 Design Question


    I am looking into new potential buck/boost products to potentially be used in application for a high power battery charger. While looking on here I came across the LT8210 which, according to the data sheet, can do VIN up to 100V, VOUT up to 100V…

  • LT8210 Parallel Function


    I'm using LT8390 parallel function now.

    And need Ismon and Ctrl for CC/CV control. Support 500W device working.

    Does LT8210 support parallel function?

    Pass-Through function with higher input can truly optimize system performance.

    Any reference…

  • LT8210 Design File


    We have a project with 9V~60V input to 12V/5A.

    Is there any LT8210 Design File ?

    Like LTPowerCAD / LTSpice / Excel File.

    Please kindly share with me.

    Thanks a lot.

  • LT8210 Startup Problem


    I am trying to use the LT8210 for a 24Vout 2.5A buck boost circuit, 18-42Vin while tolerant of spikes up to 80-100Vin.   I cannot get the device to start up.  This is on an eval kit that has been modified.

    At 42Vin for instance...

    1)  EN/UVLO is around…

  • LT8210 MODE Transition

    My name is Nebi. I am a hardware design engineer. I am working on LT8210.
    My input values Vin_min=20V, Vin_max=60V, Vin_nom=28V and desired output values Vout_28V, Pout=840W.
    I arranged Pass-Thru mode values: Vout(buck)=30V and Vout(boost)=26V.