• LT8210 low load resonance

    I'm working on a battery charger using the LT8210 buck-boost controller. The controller is working in CCM, output voltage is set to be 32.5V. When connected to a charged battery, at low loads I'd expect the the converter to keep output voltage at…

  • LT8210 Burn out the mosfet

    Dear ADI:

        I use lt8210 for buck boost charger for battery , But now I use 2.5mΩ RSENSE series to inductor for sample inductor current , And my inductor saturation current about 30A , When input is 39V, output is 54.7V, LT8210 work in boost state and…

  • LT8210 Design Question


    I am looking into new potential buck/boost products to potentially be used in application for a high power battery charger. While looking on here I came across the LT8210 which, according to the data sheet, can do VIN up to 100V, VOUT up to 100V…

  • LT8210

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On the product page for the LT8210 is written there is support for this device by LTpowerCAD. And indeed the LT8210 is part of the list, but unfortunately the design tool buttons are not working for this part. I have use Sync/Release but…

  • RE: LT8210 mode

    Hello Jano

    The same issue. Only WEB button work and open LT8210 product page.
    Sync LTpowerCAD is not resolve problem.

    -- Regards,


  • LT8210 Buck Converter Frequency Response - Stability Question


    I have this LT8210 buck converter working, and here is the latest frequency response sweep of the device.  I was noticing the low frequency area of the plot has a phase response that starts near zero.  Most plots I see start at a positive non-zero phase…

  • LT8210 Startup Problem


    I am trying to use the LT8210 for a 24Vout 2.5A buck boost circuit, 18-42Vin while tolerant of spikes up to 80-100Vin.   I cannot get the device to start up.  This is on an eval kit that has been modified.

    At 42Vin for instance...

    1)  EN/UVLO is around…

  • LT8210 output short circuit burnt out issue

    Hi ADIexpert

     I  was testing a high voltage input(36V) for output Short circuit protection

    My LT8210 is damaged with a visible hole on it. the damaged hole is near the input side.

    the burnt issue has been verified with several experiments and confirmed…

  • LT8210 average current limit


    In the datasheet, I noticed the equation for I_limit is 1675/(R_Imon*Rsense2). It says that those 2 resistors set the average current limit, yet if I plug in the values for the circuits found under "typical applications," the current limit does not…

  • LT8210 SW1 pin max negative voltage rating

    Hi ADI EXpert

    is there any negative voltage rating for the SW1 pin of LT8210?

    I am testing the output short circuit protection of LT8210 system with 36Vin but somehow IC was damaged  and verified by several times experiment.

    I have observed a negative…