• LT7182S Polyphase


    I am designing a board with the LT7182S. I am using a configuration where I connect channels U0:0 and U0:1 together. Since I will be getting assembled boards in a few weeks, I am using the LT7182S EVM (DC2836A) to test my configuration. I strap…

  • LT7182S Programming


    I have a new design with the LT7182S. I am getting assembled boards in a few weeks, and have been using the LT7182S EVM (DC2836A) to create a programming file for my boards. My process is to use LTPowerPlay to get my registers set properly on the…

  • LT7182S - can't turn on

    I have been trying to turn on the output voltage on LT7182S working in polyphase mode. I know that it should turn on automatically but for some reason, it does not happen and I do not know what to do.

  • LT7182S Output Voltage Setpoint


    In the datasheet for the LT7182S, there is a table (Table 2) for the various resistor settings for the output voltage setpoint. However, I want to use the LT7182S for a 2V and 4V power rail, neither of which are Table 2. So I simply graphed out…

  • RE: LT7182S Voltage Setpoint

    Hi Mark,

    Understood. Sorry that we did not respond in a timely manner. Apologize here. If there is further support I could provide on LT7182S, just post here anytime and I will receive immediate notification. 



  • LT7182S Demo design files and Calculations Tools


    Where can I find the manual, Design files(PCB documents )of the LT7182S Evaluation Board DC2836A and the Calculations Tools of LT7182S? Thanks

  • RE: LT7182S can be used in THE VTT power supply of DDR?

    Hi thomaswang,

    Here is the product expert's answer:

    "The LT7182S does have both sink and source capability which is required in DDR VTT power supply. Nevertheless, this part is not the best fit for DDR VTT, because the Vin is often pretty low in DDR…