• RE: LT6604-2.5的增益最大可设置到多少?


  • RE: I want to synchronize two DDS AD9912 sinusoidal outputs and make them by 90 degree phase shift

    thank you ,

    as you said the last comment you mentioned about the ad9913 for the second paragraph . But i chose the AD9912 as it have maximum DAC bits, FTW etc. But according to the equations and all your first comment was right as the minimum…

  • +-5 from single +5

    can you suggest any way to produce +-5 from +5.
    I need it for one 4ch differential signal summer op-amp plus salen-key filter op-amp.

    Is there any DC/DC converter or something in ADI that doing this?

  • AD7091R-5 I2C


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer give us a question. There is a MOSFET inside SDA pin of AD7091R-5. On the other hand, is there NO MOSFET inside SCL pin of AD7091R-5? According to Table 5, we couldn't see Open-drain output about SCL as follows.…

  • LTC4089(-5) typical application

    In typical application, 1k resistor is connected between HVPR(pin 7) and OUT(pin 13).If high voltage is

    present, the HVPR goes low( near to GND) and opens external p-fet to drive high voltage (vbat+0.3V/5V)

    to OUT. At same time, ca 3...5 mA  are going…

  • Ad9361-lpc error -5

    I am working on a custom PCB that attempts to combine reference designs from the Zedboard and ADCOMMSF3 board into a single board. I am currently working with Rev. B of my board and I am running into issues with AD9361 that I did not run into with the…

  • AD7091R-5 and AD7415 SDA, SCL


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer connect AD7091R-5, AD7415 and others with I2C interface in the system. When the system is powered off, both SCL and SDA are into LOW. His end-user suspects that there is an IC in his circuit that pulls those signals…

  • The spec of the ADV8003/5

    The spec of the ADV8003/5 components looks interesting for one of our future projects and we would like to know if you have those components also with extended operating temperature? Please update us if the available also with industrial temp range or…

  • LT3066EDE-5#PBF Ultralibrarian

    I am FAE in Japanease distributor.

    I downloaded LT3066_footprints_symbols.zip from Symboll and footpront of LT3066 in ADIWeb site.

    But the folder of Ultralibrarian was emty and no bxl file after unzip.

    Could you share the Ultralibrarian data(bxl)?


  • LT1019-5 DIP8

    关于LT1019-5 DIP8 是否有可替代的料