• LT6600 and balanced output


    I've been modeling the LT6600-10 in the below circuit and the SPICE model outputs Vocm imbalance of +/- 20 mV.  Is this correct and is there a way to mitigate it?


  • LT6600 oscillations with spec sheet gain


    I am attempting to use some gain in the LT6600 chip to get lower noise output with a single-to-differential configuration that drives an ADC.  The spec sheet says you can use 402 ohm Rs resistors (I'm using 470) but the circuit below oscillates at…

  • LT6600-5 extended temperature range


    we intend to use the LT6600-5 in a design where we need extended temperature range (-40°C to 105°C, preferably -40°C to 125°C). Device to be used as input amplifier for LTC2246H which is specified for -40°C to 125°C.


  • RE: HMCAD1511/1520 input protection

    Thanks TonyM for this clear and detailed explanation.

    Would you have any advice about the way we should implement such protection?

    We have the ADC input driven by a LT6600 driver, powered with +/-5V.

    We would like to be sure that the protection does not…

  • LT6600-10 : Chebyshev filter and Ripple Parameter

    I have questions on the choice of the  LT6600-10 component.
    The function to be realized is "Single-to-Differential Input ADC driver" . The signal (0.5V-2.5V =2V p-p) in entrance of the driver has a bandwidth of 10 MHz.
    The output signal…
  • RE: LT6600IS8-10#PBF Junction to Case

    Hi SFKSM,

    Here's a snippet of the table provided by the product owner for the Thermal Resistance of the Legacy LTC parts.
    The LT6600IS8-10#PBF falls into this category.

    The product owner also indicates that the Junction to Case specification is much…

  • rt2378-20

    Greetings all,

    As usual, the data sheet is missing an entire section. It has the timing numbers, but no timing diagram. Does anyone have the timing diagrams for this IC?

    Thanks in advance - JB

  • LT8471: 40V in to +/-20 possible?

    Is it possible for LT8471 to handle 42V input and generate +/-20V bipolar output, 0.3-0.4A per rail? I was looking at figure 10A which is pretty much what I need, but the voltages are a bit off. 

    If it's possible, what should I change besides the feedback…

  • AD9840: Operation at 20 MHz

    I have two technical questions to the AD9840AJST (CCD Signal Processor):

    The listed "CCD-MODE SPECIFICATIONS" are they valid in the range of
    20MSPS...40MSPS or where are the MSPS limits for properly results (CCD-Mode
  • AD5791 20 BIT DAC

    I downloaded the demo software for AD5791. In a real application can I get better than 5 uV accuracy?