• LT6600-10 : Chebyshev filter and Ripple Parameter

    I have questions on the choice of the  LT6600-10 component.
    The function to be realized is "Single-to-Differential Input ADC driver" . The signal (0.5V-2.5V =2V p-p) in entrance of the driver has a bandwidth of 10 MHz.
    The output signal…
  • LT6600 and balanced output


    I've been modeling the LT6600-10 in the below circuit and the SPICE model outputs Vocm imbalance of +/- 20 mV.  Is this correct and is there a way to mitigate it?


  • LT6600-5 Gain Profile

    I'm currently using the LT6600-5 for a current sense resistor application, however and having some trouble with the design producing a wildly different gain than expected. The intended operation is for the LT6600 to amplify the measurements from a sense…

  • Stability evaluation for LT6600-20

    I am considering using the LT6600-20 with a gain of 3.
    In the circuit using LT6600-20, is the stability evaluation evaluated by the amount of overshoot with respect to the step input?
    Also, please tell me if there is a better method other than the above…
  • LT6600-5 extended temperature range


    we intend to use the LT6600-5 in a design where we need extended temperature range (-40°C to 105°C, preferably -40°C to 125°C). Device to be used as input amplifier for LTC2246H which is specified for -40°C to 125°C.


  • LT6600 input reference for current source

    I'm considering using a fully-differential amp like the LT6600 as a buffer amp for a DAC that has a differential current output. Normally, one would run the output from the DAC through a 200 Ohm resister to ground. For an op-amp like the LT6600, is…

  • LT6600 oscillations with spec sheet gain


    I am attempting to use some gain in the LT6600 chip to get lower noise output with a single-to-differential configuration that drives an ADC.  The spec sheet says you can use 402 ohm Rs resistors (I'm using 470) but the circuit below oscillates at…

  • RE: ad7656 used type : parallel , sacle : -10 ~ +10

    Hi bcom, it would be great if you can also add the exact value DB15-DB0 for those negative codes. Does the conversion look good for positive inputs?



  • 2008-10-10 10:30:52     L R Channel Swap in BF533

    2008-10-10 10:30:52     L R Channel Swap in BF533

    Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

    Message: 63419   


    Does anyone has implemented workaround for the anamoly L R Channel Swap in BF533.

    05000265 -

    - Sensitivity To Noise with Slow Input Edge Rates on External…

  • 2010-05-10 10:07:10     在bf533-Ezkit上使用microwindows出错

    2010-05-10 10:07:10     在bf533-Ezkit上使用microwindows出错

    进 王 (CHINA)

    Message: 89283   


    root:/> nano-X &


    root:/> m. Check kernel config

    Cannot initialise…