• Error loading executable built for 0.2 silicion into 0.2 silicon target

    Hello everybody;

    I have a problem with my DSPs. Let see if you can help me. I will be pleased with any help.

    I am using a DSP BF537E, revision V1.2.4. I have created a loader program which loads correctly into the DSP.

    Now I want to load the same program…

  • RE: LT6372系列如何搞定从传感器到ADC的信号链难题?看了你就明白啦~


    全球领先的高性能信号处理解决方案供应商ADI对此推出了LT6372系列产品,具有极高的输入阻抗,可以与传感器或类似信号输入接口,并提供大增益(LT6372-1)或低衰减(LT6372-0.2)而不会引起负载效应,同时其低失真和低噪声可确保精确转换而不会降低性能,支持16位和更低分辨率ADC以高达150 kSPS的速率运行。


  • bf527-0.2 doesn't boot


    We have made our custom board. It consists of bf527-0.2, MT48LC32M16A2 (32MB), spi flash, etc. Voltage regulator is internal. We take initcode from ezkitbf527-initcode. And we changed the followind registers.

    #define EBIU_SDBCTL_VAL         ( EBE             |  

  • ADE7763 how to get 0.2% accuracy?


    We have been working with ADE7763 for energy metering project. At this point we have an accuracy of around 1.5% after doing watt gain and watt offset calibration. The same HW design is used as in ADE7763 datasheet, 0.01ohm shunt is used as a current…

  • Audio Loopback on BF526 rev 0.2


    I am trying to run the Audio Loopback example and when I run this project it throws following message:

       ADI SSM2603 as Master device in USB Mode
        Audio Loopback example with Line-In as record source
        Set SW2:  1(ON),  2(ON),  3(ON),  4(ON)
        Set SW7…

  • [#5023] bf527-0.2: usb host not work

    [#5023] bf527-0.2: usb host not work

    Submitted By: Yi Li

    Open Date

    2009-03-27 00:18:29     Close Date

    2010-06-11 04:15:02


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  • code for BF537 silRev 0.2 and silRev0.3

    hi !

    i'm working on BF537 and our hardware is now assembled with different chips (sil Revision 0.2 and 0.3)

    so i have to handle both sil.revisions, is it OK to set silRev 0.2 on compiler settings, instead off automatic and this works also for 0…

  • BF592 revision(0.2/0.3) issue on CCES2.0.0


    I am using CCES 2.0.0.

    Processor revision is set to 0.3 and a dxe file is created by compiling. The dxe is loaded to my target(BF592 rev. 0.2). My target works fine. But revision is set to 0.2 and a dxe file created is loaded to my target. My…

  • DAI Clarifications - Errors in HRM version 0.2

    I have been reviewing the DAI section of the ADSP-2156x HRM and I believe I have found a few mistakes.

    In the Cross Mode Connections - Shared Clock description (pg 21-9), DAI0_PIN03 & DAI1_PIN03 are referenced. I believe that DAI0_PIN05 & DAI_PIN1_PIN05…

  • BF537 (rev 0.2) startup issues after watchdog reset


    I just ran into a problem with the rev 0.2 of the BF537. Im my application I reset the platform using the watchdog reset mechanizm. So far I had no problems as our (custom) development board runs a BF537 rev 0.3. When loading up the application into…