• LT6230 cannot work well with a single power supply in LTspice.

    Hi Team,

    I modified the LT6230 schematic in the LTspice tool, after that this circuit cannot work well.

    My modifications are below:

    1)change the two power supply +/-5V to 3V;

    2)set the offset of the sine signal to 1.5V;

    Note: V(n002)  is the output of…

  • LT6230 spice model


    I`d like to export LT6230 spice model from LTspice and import this component into TINA to do simulation. But I failed.

    Could you please provide a .cir LT6230 model or tell me how to solve this problem?

    Or maybe you can recommand another component…

  • LT6230-10 opamp single supply or dual supply

    Hi, I am using LT6230-10 for sensing the voltage across a sense resistor with a gain of 10, but when I simulate it does not work when -Ve supply of the opamp is grounded. Below is my circuit. Please suggest.

    It's working only when -Ve supply of the opamp…

  • RE: LT6274 Replacement

    Hi JL9891,

    Unfortunately there is no direct replacement for LT6274 yet. You may want to check the following amplifiers as replacement (depending on use case):

    AD8067, AD8033, AD8065, LT6210, LT6236, LT6205, LT6230, LT6233, LT1803.

    Hope this helps.


  • Opamp input and output voltage ranges not mentioned clearly in datasheet


    Please provide input (common mode) voltage range and output voltage range min and max for following opamps

    LT809          supply +5V, -5V

    LT6230-10    supply +5V, -5V

    Datasheets' values are so confusing for these two parts. it is not clear from datasheets…

  • Could you recommend a 2-channel ADC for an electronic load?

    Dear Precision ADC Forum,

          I'm designing an electronic load for my lab. The load voltage is sensed with a standard resistor divider, and the load current is sensed across a shunt resistor so that the voltage across it can be sensed in single-ended fashion…

  • RE: how to improve the CMRR of opamp?

    Hi rmurthy720,

    The guaranteed DC CMRR of 100dB for ADA4895 is hard to beat for most high frequency devices I searched for. However, I've shown a list of comparable ADI devices you could look through:

    Part # Feedback Type CMRR (min) Temp Range #…
  • RE: LTC2312-12 SDO MSB No toggle

    Hi Ted,

    To get good performance when using this ADC you really should have a PCB with a ground plane.

    Using long unshielded wires for the digital signals between the FPGA board and the ADC board will result in ringing as you see in your oscilloscope traces…

  • Tuning the Analog Feedback Loop to work with SiDR220DP Mosfet

    Hi All,

    I need your urgent help to understand the failure in our PCB.

    We had designed the Analog feedback loop to control current through MOSFET as we are using mosfet as virtual load.

    when we were using this LOOP with SiE844DF Mosfet, everything was…

  • RE: AOP

    Hi ,

    I tried to look at the parametric search and found the following attached parts which have the same TSOT-23 6 pin package as the LT6233CS6.

    Hope this helps you one that is compatible / replacement.


    I've not looked to make sure the pins…