• RE: LT5400 Derating Curve

    Hi Yuya,

    Please see below for the derating curve of the LT5400.

    The customer need to sum up the power dissipated in all resistor to see how far he can go without violating the max junction temp (150°C) of the device. There are also some example and  d…

  • LTC6363 single-ended to differential

    We try to use LTC6363 to convert the input single-ended signal into a differential signal. The Gain factor was calculated to be 1, but the actual measured gain factor was 0.7. The resistor we used is LT5400-5, an 1MΩ resister pack. Could you help me solve…

  • RE: 32位ADC芯片的前端设置问题

    1. 这三款ADC的性能都不错,输出速率都能高于1kHz

    2. 推荐您使用LT5400配合ADA4177使用

  • RE: Gain resistor: will metal foil significantly reduce noise?

    To add to the conversation, metal foil resistors are useful for temperature stability, since they have low temp coefficients. If your circuit is intended for absolute accuracy over temp, then use metal foil. If you need good matching over temp, I would…

  • RE: Using the LT6015 to monitor a stack of four 3.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 cells?


    It seems to be workable. If you need well matched resistors, you may use LT5400-2 which can give you up to 0.01% matching. You could also add some capacitors for filtering in parallel with the feedback resistors R2 and R6 and R4 and R8 to ground.…

  • circuit for ultra precision INA @gain = 1.0

    I want an output signal which is the difference of Vexcit+ to Vexcit- (up to +/-5V each) to be ground referenced with high accuracy.
    Normally this is the job of an INA. But at gain 1 the output offset voltage of AD8421 is dominant.
    In my actual test circuit…

  • RE: Very precise 54V DC power supply

    Hi Santiago,

        The design that you are considering is not trivial, and there
    are several factors that you will have to consider. The voltage
    reference is key, of course, but you also need to have a low-offset,
    low-drift amplifier for your gain loop, and…

  • RE: Considerations for amplifying an ultrasonic echo

    Hi Jinhy,

    Apologies for the late response. You can use a precision op amp with a 3 op-amp configuration like what you've done but you must change the values of the resistor like the circuit below. 

    The resistor values is up to you just follow the…

  • A DAQ of All Trades: Adding Gain for Unipolar Inputs

    Welcome back to the ADAQ798x ADC driver configuration blog series! As we discussed last time, we will be looking at several common and useful configuration options for the ADAQ798x’s integrated ADC driver, how to design them, and what to watch out for…

  • 工程师博客分享——全能DAQ ADAQ798x,如何增加单极性输入的增益


    正如该系列的博客《为何要配置ADC驱动器?》所说,ADAQ798x集成ADC驱动器的多种常见且有用的配置方案,如何进行设计,以及需要注意什么。本文将讨论如何使用常见的同相配置来让ADAQ798x与小于ADC输入范围(0 V至VREF)的单极性输入源接口。


    回忆该系列的博客《为何要配置ADC驱动器?》,ADC转换0 V和VREF之间的输入。这意味着ADC驱动器的输出范围也必须是0 V到VREF,系统才能利用ADAQ798x提供的全部216个码…