• LT4363 Gate Pin Voltage Issue


    I am designing an overvoltage and reverse polarity protection circuit using the LT4363 Surge protection chip. The circuit I am designing is intended to protect our system against overvoltage spikes and also against reverse polarity conditions…

  • LT4363应用问题


    1. Vcc管脚直接连接到Vin,也就是输入65V;

    2. OV短路到GND;

    3. UV直接连接到Vin;

    4. /SHDN开路;

    5. FB连接到GND;

    6. TMR接0.047uF;

    7. MOS管是FDP3632,栅极与LT4363的GATE之间10欧姆电阻;

    8. 负载为开路。


  • LT4363 is burned after being powered on.

    LT4363 is burned after being powered on.

    The LT4363 does not burn every time when powered up. There are 2 burned out of 20 boards. The rear stage power supply is not shorted to ground.
    Can you help me analyze why the PIN 3 is burned. What measures can…
  • LT4363 ISO7637-2 test fail issue


               Customer test ISO7637-2: 5a---2 ohm, 24vin, Test is fail then LT4363 pin 3/pin 4 are damage. Has any comments to solve this issue? Thank you. 




  • LT4363 - Fault detection during Reverse voltage application


    I have been using LTC4359 to prevent reverse voltage application (from output) to damage my internal circuits. Normal Input/output is 5V and I am using the chip to protect against external application of 28V on the output. However, LTC4359 does…

  • lt4363 - 2 Shutdown / MOSFET Gate and Vout

    Good day everyone

    First question in the community and already checked if there was any similar question.

    I am currently working on the board which uses a Surge Stopper LT4363-2. Without LOAD the circuit works fine but once I use a LOAD and force a SHDN…

  • How to select the pass transistor LT4363-2-DE


         We use LT4363-2-DE to protect the power line of the vehicle electronic equipment.

        1.  It must withstand the positive negative pulse voltage 80V . 

        2. When the current of power line is up to 2.5A, it can be open circuit.

        3. It must withstand the…

  • LT4363-2 Current Limit Protection( DC Power Supply)


    FET  Switch (U21)  is burned below conditions.


    LOAD: 2A,


    FET(U21):  TPW4R50ANHQ

             surface  mount,  

    Q)  How  can  I   prevent  FET  burning?

    (Change   large size  FET?)

    (DC POWER SUPPLY  Current Limit…

  • LTC 4366-2 and LT4363-2 High Current Application

    Hi Team,

    We are planning to design a battery charger system but it has to meet MIL-STD-1275E’s surge, spike, and ripple conditions. System is going to charge Li-ion battery pack at 90 Amps rating from alternator. But it seems LTC®4366-2 and LT4363-2 used…

  • LT4363 LTSpice Model shows current pulse from GATE pin to GND pin in IEC 61000-4-5 8/20us 2kV/1kA test


    attached data is an LTSpice model test setup of LT4363-2 based cirquit, exposed to IEC 61000-4-5 8/20us 2kV/1kA pulse.


    Simulation data demonstrates a considerable current pulse from GATE pin to GND pin of LT4363 immediately after…