• LT4363 Gate capacitor reference

    On input transients in which i do not want to clamp the output voltage or trip an over current event, I am finding that the charge pump output greatly lags the jump in input voltage.  This causes high loss on the pass FET during the the event.  If I reference…

  • LT4363 Standard


    Do LT4363 pass any standard such as UL ?

    Because I found the notice from demo manual,

    "products herein may not be regulatory compliant or agency certified (FCC, UL, CE, etc.)"

    Please kindly help with it.

    Thanks a lot.

  • LT4363 decoupling requirement


    Does the LT4363 require a decoupling capacitor on VCC for correct / reliable operation?

    Some of the application circuits in the datasheet show a 0.1uF capacitor on the VCC pin, whereas others do not.

    Thanks for the help

  • The LT4363 was burned.

    The LT4363 was burned after being powered up.
    Not every time you power up, it will burn out.
    The rear stage power supply is not shorted to ground.
    Help analyze why PIN3 will be burned.
    What can we do to prevent the LT4363 from being burned.
  • LT4363 & LTC4357 up to 90V

    I am currently using a LT4363 and LTC4357 to provide surge, over-current and back EMF protection on a motor drive power supply. I need to extend the operating voltage up to 90V from 60V. Are there other parts that can achieve the same protection functionality…

  • LT4363 - Output voltage above VCC


    I'm working on the design of the input stage for an application in which the nominal input voltage is 48 V but in some cases can goes up to 100 V.

    This overvoltage condition can stand for several seconds. In this situation, I would like to clamp…

  • LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense


    I can't figure out what's the benefit between this. ( LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense )

    Why LT4363 change the location, Mos in front of Rsense.

    Does there any benefit on it?

    Please kindly help with this.

    Thanks a lot !

  • LT4363 Gate Pin Voltage Issue


    I am designing an overvoltage and reverse polarity protection circuit using the LT4363 Surge protection chip. The circuit I am designing is intended to protect our system against overvoltage spikes and also against reverse polarity conditions…

  • LT4363应用问题


    1. Vcc管脚直接连接到Vin,也就是输入65V;

    2. OV短路到GND;

    3. UV直接连接到Vin;

    4. /SHDN开路;

    5. FB连接到GND;

    6. TMR接0.047uF;

    7. MOS管是FDP3632,栅极与LT4363的GATE之间10欧姆电阻;

    8. 负载为开路。


  • LT4363 is burned after being powered on.

    LT4363 is burned after being powered on.

    The LT4363 does not burn every time when powered up. There are 2 burned out of 20 boards. The rear stage power supply is not shorted to ground.
    Can you help me analyze why the PIN 3 is burned. What measures can…