• is there any intrinsic safety products using LT4356-3?


    I am wondering, are there any intrinsic associate apparatus or intrinsically safe apparatus using LT4356-3?

    Thank you

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  • LT4356 fried by minor overvoltage


    we have an issue with a LT4356 getting fried during in-house lab testing. Its voltage clamp is set to about 39 V, and during static overvoltage conditions (tested by providing a continuous 45 V to the input), the IC malfunctions in a way that it stops…

  • [Urgent] Strange Gate voltage of LT4356-3


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates LT4356-3 on his trial PCB. He has to breakthrough the issue in a hurry. In the below picture, we can see the strange Gate voltage about 1V before the voltage rising up under no load for LT4356-3. Only 100uF…

  • Looking for Chip solutions for Intrinsic Safety --- maybe LT4356?

    I read the article here https://www.analog.com/en/technical-articles/surge-stopper-ic-simplifies-design-of-intrinsic-safety-barrier-for-electronics.html#

    and I am wondering if the proposed chip LT4356 and the circuit described in that article are still the…

  • LT4356 ---How to understand the function of D1 and Q3 in Figure 7 (datasheet)


     I have some questions about LT4356, on page 14 of datasheet .

     Figure 7 describe a example design ,i can understand the back-to-back NMOS to reverse protection ,but the D1 and Q3 ,i have no idea how they work ,i guess they have the function of overvoltage…

  • LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense


    I can't figure out what's the benefit between this. ( LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense )

    Why LT4363 change the location, Mos in front of Rsense.

    Does there any benefit on it?

    Please kindly help with this.

    Thanks a lot !

  • RE: LTC6363-1 replacement LTC6363-1 replacement LTC6363-1 replacement

    Hi Mamzi,

    Have you checked on our authorized distributors? What package do you need?

    You can check Analog Devices' parametric search for single-ended to fully differential amplifiers

    Single-Ended to Differential Amplifiers Fixed Gain Selection


  • LT4356-3 operating during short circuit


    i would like to use the LT4356-3 as short circuit protection. During a short circuit event it can happen that the input voltage drops to a very low value due to high line impedances between source and LT4356-3. The voltage drop last only for a few…

  • LT4356: 250KHz pump for MOSFET, should I be concern with EMI/EMC conformance?

    It quoted in the datasheet that it exhibits 250Khz pump circuit for MOSFET driver, should I be concern about EMI/EMC conformance issue?

    Any suggestion on how to limits its emission, ie filter or such?

    Do you have emission data from the LT4356 EVAL board…

  • LT4356-3 anomalous behavior

    Using the LT4356-3 device we find an its anomalous behavior: on an overvoltage event on the Vcc we obtain a final state of the device out of specification with a FLT signal low, but the OUT pin active (high).

    What could determine such an anomalous behavior…