• LT4356-3 operating during short circuit


    i would like to use the LT4356-3 as short circuit protection. During a short circuit event it can happen that the input voltage drops to a very low value due to high line impedances between source and LT4356-3. The voltage drop last only for a few…

  • LT4356 Inrush current issue with LTC4015

    Dear Team,

    We have developed power management board with the reference of LTC4015 demo board.  In our board the LTC4015 is getting burnt due to the inrush current when we power on the battery (Li-Ion battery, 26V, 3.5Ah).  We implemented our own inrush…

  • [Urgent] Strange Gate voltage of LT4356-3


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates LT4356-3 on his trial PCB. He has to breakthrough the issue in a hurry. In the below picture, we can see the strange Gate voltage about 1V before the voltage rising up under no load for LT4356-3. Only 100uF…

  • is there any intrinsic safety products using LT4356-3?


    I am wondering, are there any intrinsic associate apparatus or intrinsically safe apparatus using LT4356-3?

    Thank you

    Best Reagrds

  • Looking for Chip solutions for Intrinsic Safety --- maybe LT4356?

    I read the article here https://www.analog.com/en/technical-articles/surge-stopper-ic-simplifies-design-of-intrinsic-safety-barrier-for-electronics.html#

    and I am wondering if the proposed chip LT4356 and the circuit described in that article are still the…

  • LT4356 TMR to GND - Do not want time-out period during overvoltage


    I am using the LT4356 to clamp longer voltage surges. In an overvoltage condition, I do not want to trigger a fault and thus pull the GATE pin low, because I am using the device for longer surges. Because I do not want to set a time-out period, can I…

  • Will the LT4356-3 still function if OUT is left floating?

    I am curious to know what would be the effect of leaving the OUT pin floating on the LT4356-3. The resistor divider for the FB pin has been selected and so has the current sense resistor. Will this chip still function if the OUT pin is left floating?…

  • LT4356: 250KHz pump for MOSFET, should I be concern with EMI/EMC conformance?

    It quoted in the datasheet that it exhibits 250Khz pump circuit for MOSFET driver, should I be concern about EMI/EMC conformance issue?

    Any suggestion on how to limits its emission, ie filter or such?

    Do you have emission data from the LT4356 EVAL board…

  • LT4356 ---How to understand the function of D1 and Q3 in Figure 7 (datasheet)


     I have some questions about LT4356, on page 14 of datasheet .

     Figure 7 describe a example design ,i can understand the back-to-back NMOS to reverse protection ,but the D1 and Q3 ,i have no idea how they work ,i guess they have the function of overvoltage…

  • LT4356-x (or other surge stopper) used as linear regulator controller with precision current limit

    Dear Power by Linear,

        A short while ago I wrote in, asking about the LT4256 for an application where the input source, a power module, was failing after being forced into current limit when the load was switched in. The load has 5100 uF of MLC capacitance…