• LT4356-1 & LTC4364-2 negative protect


    With a Ideal Diode function (LTC4364-2), it has a unique technique.

    If reverse current develops, a 130mA fast pull-down circuit quickly
    connects the DGATE pin to the SOURCE pin, turning off the MOSFET.

    But why this operation can Holds Up Output Voltage…

  • LT4356-1 Surge Stopper in Hazardous Environments


    how can I start to design a circuit to meet harmonized standard, IEC60079-11 ?

    Does there any concern to change components on demo board DC1018A (LT4356-1) circuits to meet Intrinsic Safety ?

    What's the key design points on it ?

    Do we have design…

  • LT4356-1 failure during hot plug

    Dear support,

          I have a power supply front end design using LT4356-1 as below.

         The IC failed after a few times' hot plug when I was doing the inrush current test. 

         The gate voltage never pulls up over VOUT when the failure. 

         Below is the transient…

  • RE: faster turn off of the passing fet of LT4356-1

    therefore i am planning to reduce the 47nF.

    Any idea?

    sorry. typo. I am not planning to reduce instead.

  • LT4356-1 automotive grade in progress

    Hi all,

    is it planned to have this Part in automotive grade, too ?

    If yes, when this will happen.

  • min spec of pull-up current of LT4356-1

    The Gate pull-up current of LT4356 is specified at -4.5uA (min), -30uA(typ), -50uA(max) for Vgate = 48V, Vcc =48V. I was wondering under what conditions the gate pull-up current can drop to -4.5uA.



  • LT4356 : easy way to remove auto recovery timer on an already existing hardware..


    I'm using a LT4356-1 to control the power of motor controllers. Everything seems to work as expected. We are able to soft the start to limit the inrush current of the controller's input capacitors, and current limitation of 50A (shunt resistor of…

  • LT4356 fried by minor overvoltage


    we have an issue with a LT4356 getting fried during in-house lab testing. Its voltage clamp is set to about 39 V, and during static overvoltage conditions (tested by providing a continuous 45 V to the input), the IC malfunctions in a way that it stops…

  • LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense


    I can't figure out what's the benefit between this. ( LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense )

    Why LT4363 change the location, Mos in front of Rsense.

    Does there any benefit on it?

    Please kindly help with this.

    Thanks a lot !

  • LT4356-3 anomalous behavior

    Using the LT4356-3 device we find an its anomalous behavior: on an overvoltage event on the Vcc we obtain a final state of the device out of specification with a FLT signal low, but the OUT pin active (high).

    What could determine such an anomalous behavior…