• RE: LT4356 : easy way to remove auto recovery timer on an already existing hardware..

    Hi riteshl,

    Thank you for your answer. Your suggestion is more than interesting because LT4356-3 is pin to pin compatible with LT4356-1 (same name..^^). Indeed I'm fine with latch-off because a rise in current to its maximum value means that something…

  • ADM1270 Surge Stopper Function

    Dear Sir:

    Linear Tech. LT4356-x spec. similar to the  ADM1270. But LT4356-X all highlighted surge stopper protects(Clamp) function. I very care this function(See Figure 1), I wonder ADM1270 have any surge stopper protector features, if there is whether…

  • LT4356-3 operating during short circuit


    i would like to use the LT4356-3 as short circuit protection. During a short circuit event it can happen that the input voltage drops to a very low value due to high line impedances between source and LT4356-3. The voltage drop last only for a few…

  • RE: LT4356-1 & LTC4364-2 negative protect

    HI Snow.Hung,

    Your interpretation is right . With its Ideal diode functionality LTC4364 isolates the output from input completely in case reverse current develops and hence the output voltage is held up in case of input short etc.

    With the LTC4356 surge…

  • RE: LT4356-1 Surge Stopper in Hazardous Environments

    HI Snow.Hung,

    Please see the following article that talks about using LTC4356 for Intrinsic Safety applications and also how to modify DC1018A to meet this requirement.


  • min spec of pull-up current of LT4356-1

    The Gate pull-up current of LT4356 is specified at -4.5uA (min), -30uA(typ), -50uA(max) for Vgate = 48V, Vcc =48V. I was wondering under what conditions the gate pull-up current can drop to -4.5uA.



  • RE: LTC4366-2 Cold Crank

    Hi Ritesh,

    I was looking at the lt4356-1 and saw a fairly simple circuit that withstands 150V. Im an unsure what current the circuit allows. I am sure this will suffice for for automative and cold crank whats your thoughts.

  • RE: LT4356 fried by minor overvoltage

    To follow up on this issue, maybe it will be useful to someone else also: LT4356 was replaced with a new one which worked normally (so it was LT4356 that got fried in first test). The cause of issue was likely the combination of removed TVS diodes and…

  • Set / Adjust Output CLAMP Voltage at LTC4380


    To improve current design to automotive grade, I need to redesign power supply input stage (currently designed with LT4356-Type  is not on the ARPL  11-Mar-2019)  with  LTC4380-Type.

    With the LT4356 is possible to adjust CLAMP – Level (MOSFET act like…

  • LT4356-3 anomalous behavior

    Using the LT4356-3 device we find an its anomalous behavior: on an overvoltage event on the Vcc we obtain a final state of the device out of specification with a FLT signal low, but the OUT pin active (high).

    What could determine such an anomalous behavior…