• About the capacity of the bypass capacitor of LT4321


    The LT4321 data sheet P7 has the following description regarding bypass capacitors.

    ・ It should be 0.12uF or less according to the provisions of IEEE802.3.
    ・ Share 0.1uF or place 0.047uF near each IC.

    Due to the delivery time, it was difficult to…

  • Question about adding a capacitor to the signal line going into the IN12 pin of the LT4321

    I am using PoE (10Gbase-T+802.bt T4-CLS8 (PD 71.3W)) through the LT4293+LT4321 solution.

    During verification, there was a phenomenon in which packet loss occurred when PoE of 10Gbase-T link performance was applied, and it was confirmed that symptoms improved…

  • LT4321 Mos Selection


    According to LT4321 Mos Selection,

    Vgs_th_min should not lower than 2V.

    Is that any risk on it?

    Will it impact the force current ?

    Because we found lots of Mos Vgs_th_min<2V except Nxperia

    And as Rds_on section said,

    VF is between 20mV and 70mV…

  • Lot / date code for LT4321

    My LT4321 shows the lot / date code of N8615.

    what's the date code?

    I can not find any documentation.


  • LT4293: Ideal Diode Bridge Options

    The recommended ideal diode bridge to use with the LT4293 is the LT4321, which is unfortunately out of stock everywhere with no end in sight.

    Are there other options that might still be available?  

    One possibility is the LT4320.  The LT4293 datasheet says…

  • LT4293 Unexpected shutoff

    We are using the LT4293 for 90W PoE, along with the LT4321 ideal diode bridge.  The circuit works normally at 25C ambient temperature.  At around 55C ambient temperature, the output voltage shuts off unexpectedly.  For this test, the PoE circuit is sourcing…

  • LT4320 Voltage Range


    It seems this is a relatively basic question but does the LT4320/LT4321 operate down to 12VAC?



  • LT4320 implementation with LT4293


    The DC2911A carries LT4321 ideal diode bridge (for 2 lines). Our customer tried to use 2x LT4320 instead of LT4321 with LT4293 and it was not successful. Is there any restriction to use an ideal diode bridge for such application and utilize only LT4321…

  • RE: Questions about LT4293

    Hi Knj,

    Yes, the Schottky diode bridge is the possible reason that the connection doesn't work. The recommended device to be used is LT4321 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices.

  • RE: Connecting PSE Output to Regulator Input


    Thanks for the explanation!

    INPUTS: -57V provided to VEE of PSE controller

    PSE Controller: LTC4279

    Bridge Controller: LT4321

    PD Controller: LT4293

    A) So we can't directly use the output from PSE controller to convert into any other voltage using …