• LT4320 with center tapped Transformer

    Hi everyone,

    I´m wondering if the LT4320 is able to handle with symmetric power rails. I designed the following schematic and build the circuit but as soon I connect the 0V (center tap) rail from the Transformer to the circuit GND, I get high current…

  • LT4320 Will it supports universal AC inputs.


    I am designing an 1kW AC to DC converter, In which for rectification stage I want to use LT4320 bridge driver and N-channel Power MOSFETs for more thermal efficient output.

    But my design applies to universal AC inputs which is 85V to 265V AC rms…

  • LT4320-1 for Ideal Diode Bridge Controller


    I am using the LT4320-1 (LT4320IN8-1#PBF) with 4 mosfets (SQP120N10-3m8_GE3) in order to make a rectifier for 13.5VAC but I am having some issues. Indeed, I have a nice DC voltage at the output but the mosfets are getting really hot (100°C) when passing…

  • LT4320-1 for high current AC usage

    I want to use the LT4320-1 in an AC application.

    Input voltage is ~24VAC (rms) at 50Hz

    Nominal current: 8A (rms)

    Peak current: 25A (rms)

    In the datasheet it is mentioned that the max voltage across the top FET between IN1 and OUTP has to be maximum 55mV…

  • LT4320 voltage divider on IN1 and IN2 for higher voltage AC rectification

    Would it be possible to put a resistor voltage divider on the IN1 and IN2 pins of the LT4320 to allow the IC to be used to rectify higher voltage AC (say 50-100VAC) as long as the MOSFET's were rated for higher voltage applications?  This way a resistor…

  • LT4320 connect two diode ideal bridge in parallel with the same ac input

    HI, i designed two diode ideal bridge with lt4320 and 4 mosfet for each bridge. Than i connected the two inputs of the first and two inputs of the second with the same AC source and immediatly i noticed a short circuit on the input of one  bridge and the…

  • RE: LT8309 LTSpice Transient Analysis Simulation Very Slow

    Hi Aaron,

    The LT8309 is not designed to be used in AC to DC rectification.

    Please take a look at LT4320. Limited up to 72V operating voltage. www.analog.com/.../lt4320.html

  • RE: 3 phase AC to DC rectification (2.5KW)

    Hi Eric

    40V from alternator is line to line voltage.

    Max rated output should be 100A at 25Volts. It's a lot, but not that much ...

    I am using DC2465A as a starting point for the 3 phase synchronous rectifier.

    But i believe that uses LT4320. Do…

  • 3 Phase 750Hz Synchronous rectification


    I have a DC2465A Demo board and i changed the Linear IC's from LT4320 to LT4320-1.

    The Datasheet says with proper choice of MOSFET's this Demo board could operate at more than 600Hz.

    Could anyone suggest suitable MOSFET's and any other changes…

  • RE: Can LTC4359 be used for full bridge rectifier diodes?

    No but look at LT4320, which works up to 72V DC or 50V AC.