• LT4320 in parallel

    I am using the LT4320 as an input polarity rectifier for DC inputs (10 - 32V DC input range)

    Redundant inputs are needed so I have two LT4320 outputs connected in parallel.

    Everything runs fine - thermal cam shows no hot zones and there is no current flowing…

  • Two stage +/-15V supply with LT4320 bridges

    Is there any plans to support the below signal chain power?

    • (50Hz AC) -> (LT4320) -> (LT3081) -> (LT3045)
    • (50Hz AC) -> (LT4320) -> (LT3091) -> (LT3094)

    Preferably with room for large bulk caps in all three stages

    The reason is, it…

  • LT4320 Voltage Range


    It seems this is a relatively basic question but does the LT4320/LT4321 operate down to 12VAC?



  • LT4320-1 High Power Application

    Hi there,

    We are planning to use LT4320-1 for a 400 Hz three phase AC input to 28V DC output, 11 kW Ideal Rectification application. At full load the current going through MOSFET will be around 430A. The design will be based on DC2465A Demo card schematic…

  • LT4320 implementation with LT4293


    The DC2911A carries LT4321 ideal diode bridge (for 2 lines). Our customer tried to use 2x LT4320 instead of LT4321 with LT4293 and it was not successful. Is there any restriction to use an ideal diode bridge for such application and utilize only LT4321…

  • LT4320 with dual windings switching between single and series


    I'm trying to build below circuit and I'm getting unexpected results.

    Goal is to be able to switch between single winding and both windings in series using a P-FET "T1". If this is built with ordinary diodes, results are as expected but as…

  • LT4320

    I am planning on trialling the use of LT4320.

    In the data sheet it discusses the use of a 1uF ceramic capacitor and an additional electrolytic capacitor.
    From the data…

  • RE: LT4320 with center tapped Transformer

    I liked your advise on the lt4320 with CT transformer...just built it and want to understand if I got it right...you wrote:

    "...but you could use the LT4320 with both windings out of phase. In this configuration, the center tap would be ground to your…

  • RE: LT4320-1 for high current AC usage


    The datasheet states Top-side Source-Drain regulation voltage is between 26mV and 55mV for the LT4320-1, and 8mV to 35mV for the LT4320. This is not a limit, but instead it is the targeted regulation point. The LT4320-1 drives the gate until the…

  • RE: LT4320-1 for Ideal Diode Bridge Controller

    The gate voltages do not appear to go to zero, but rather to 10 volts.  This should keep the Mosfets on and is likely the reason your Mosfets are so hot.