• RE: LT4320 with center tapped Transformer

    "solved, center tapped Transformer with LT4320"

    The LT4320 works with a center tapped transformer if the secondaries are in phase. Normally the two winding of a CT are out of phase.

    I would recommend some explanation in the Datasheet of the LT4320…

  • RE: LT4320 Will it supports universal AC inputs.


    LT4320 has an 80V absolute maximum voltage. For a single-phase AC input, an 80 peak voltage (Vpk) means a maximum input of 56.5V VAC (RMS). The LT4320 / LT4320-1 cannot support the universal AC input range, 85VAC to 265VAC.

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  • RE: LT4320 voltage divider on IN1 and IN2 for higher voltage AC rectification


    This would not work. The LT4320 uses the voltages at IN1, IN2, and OUTP to decide which FETs should be turned on and which should be off. OUTP is also used to bias the LT4320, so any resistance between the pin and the rectified output would cause…

  • RE: 3 phase AC to DC rectification (2.5KW)

    Hi Eric

    40V from alternator is line to line voltage.

    Max rated output should be 100A at 25Volts. It's a lot, but not that much ...

    I am using DC2465A as a starting point for the 3 phase synchronous rectifier.

    But i believe that uses LT4320. Do…

  • LT4320 Voltage Range


    May i know what is the maximum AC range of LT4320? 

    Based on the typical application of this part the LT4320 is mainly design in 24V AC and line to line of 48v RMS voltage circuit design. 

    So i would need to double confirm on this case. 

    Thank you…

  • RE: LT4320 - alternative supply

    Hi Simon,

    LT4320 should work with PFC as long as OUTP to OUTN remains above 9V.

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  • 3 Phase 750Hz Synchronous rectification


    I have a DC2465A Demo board and i changed the Linear IC's from LT4320 to LT4320-1.

    The Datasheet says with proper choice of MOSFET's this Demo board could operate at more than 600Hz.

    Could anyone suggest suitable MOSFET's and any other changes…

  • LT4320 CHarge Pump Frequency

    There is a mention of an internal charge pump within the LT4320 internal controller.

    But there is no further details on that.

    Would it be possible to disclose what frequency the charge pump is working at ?

    And how much of residuals at that frequency is…

  • LT4320 Minimum Voltage

    The LT4320 datasheet summary says it is good for 72V AC, yet the absolute maximum rating table of the input pins says a minimum of -3V.  I am confused?

  • LT4320 when using RDSON small


    I would like to use LT4320.

    So, I have a question.

    #1   When DC voltage 24 V is inserted and IAVG is set to 1 A, it is necessary to use RDSON with 30 mΩ or more.         

           However, is there a disadvantage when using it at 30 mΩ or less?

    #2   Is there…