• LT4295 shutdown oscillation

    I am designing a new PoE circuit based on LT4295 70W forward converter. Both my design and the EVAL board showing the output self oscillation during the shutdown. I guess LT4295 doesn't have soft-stop? Any simple solution around that? I am using DC2584A…

  • LT4295 Junction Temperature


    As I know IC has little consumption and close to case temperature.

    But what's the max power ic can afford ? Maybe 0.5W? it can help me estimate the temperature margin.

    As datasheet noted LT4295 TEMPERATURE RANGE = -40C~85C, Does it mean "Junction…

  • LT4295 PoE+ & AUX ( 12V/24V) issue

    I am trying LTspice simulation of PD in forward mode for PoE+ (51V), 24V with an auxiliary power supply & 12V with an auxiliary power supply by referring to LT4295 datasheet circuit, page 25.

    I see the result below:

    • AUX DC i/p 12V is 6.15V as o/p…
  • LT4295, 20V output, 30W

    I am currently using the LT4295 in on a custom board that is based on DC2046A-C (12V, 1.9A). I now want to design for a board with 20V, 1.5A (about 30W) output. 

    As far as I understood LT4276 is pin-to-pin compatible with LT4295, so I can use DC2046A-D…

  • LT4295/LT4276A Handshaking Function


    Can LT4295/LT4276A support Cisco UPoE/UPoE+ function?

    If yes,

    1. LT4295 can get only max 25.5W class4? or Bt Class8 71W

    2. LT4276A can get only max 25.5W class4? the same or up to 90W power?

    Please kindly help with it.

  • LT4295 reference design

    Hi ADIExpert

    May I know if LTC has a reference design of LT4295 for 45~60Vin to isolated 54V (80W), forward topology would be better but Flyabck one should also be fine



  • LT4295 Forward-Transformer

    Dear All:

    LT4295 demo board reference design only use PCA Electronics Forward-Transformer P/N:EPC3577G-LF .ADI is there another manufacturer's suggestion list table can be selected(Ex:coilcraft ,Halo Electronics ,...etc)? thanks


  • LT4295 SHDN Function


    As I know we can use AUX>6.25V to stop HSGATE working.

    How can I stop HSGATE function when DC input=24V and connect to secondary Vout directly with a schottky diode.

    At least 3 ways to do this but extra cost or loss.

    1. Keep the MPS current but…

  • 24V with LT4295 POE


    I'm currently working on a POE powered devices with the possibility of also being powered by an auxiliary power supply.

    I would like to configure the LT4295 chip to handle up to 25W at 24V (0.95A output) as can be seen on page 27 of the datasheet…

  • LT4295- Datasheet clarification needed

    Hi Team,

    As from datasheet, Vauxon voltage level must be lower than VHSOFF = 31V. But we are designing the aux supply to take over at only 37V which is violating the above rule. Attaching the images. PFA

    Because, if I turn ON at 31V, more power will be…