• LT4295-Forward-Vaux 24V


    A product i am currently working on uses the LT4295 in a 71.3W forward configuration, mostly inspired from the DC2584A EV Board. The DCDC generates 12V at the system output from eather POE or 24V DC input. The aux pin has a voltage divider of R1…

  • RE: LT4295 PoE++ 66W Froward topology

    C509 has Ripple current rating of 130mA@100KHz.  LT4295 area is also hot. Secondary FET is not gone bad. I am not able judge if IC is gone bad or not? I need some more check points to verify.

    I tried reaching my local ADI support team. I didn't hear anything…

  • LT4295 - 40W Flybackmode issue


    This is Juan José Frutos, Electronic Lead designer from Sensia Solutions.

    We have designed a PoE board based on the typical applications (page 21 of LT4295 Datasheet) and on the DC2539A board.

    We recieved the final board, and in a first test…

  • LT4295 PoE+ & AUX ( 12V/24V) issue

    I am trying LTspice simulation of PD in forward mode for PoE+ (51V), 24V with an auxiliary power supply & 12V with an auxiliary power supply by referring to LT4295 datasheet circuit, page 25.

    I see the result below:

    • AUX DC i/p 12V is 6.15V as o/p…
  • LT4295 DC2584A-A common mode choke

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    DC2584A-A LT4295 reference design common mode choke is located nearby PD interface VPORTP and VPORTN for filtering.

    I would like to add the filtering on the Auxiliary Supply input as well.

    Might I know if it is ok to relocated the common…

  • LT4295 About the Bode plot of DC2476A-A

    About the Bode plot in the performance characteristics of DEMO MANUAL DC2476A-A.

    Where is this plot injected with noise?
    I changed R34 = 0Ω to 50Ω and injected noise at both ends, but I can't measure well.

    In my measurements, the gain is…

  • LT4295 & DC2584 don't work issue

    Hi. Team

    Please check my schematic. 

    And I'd like some advice on what's wrong with my schematic.

    My customer requested POE application with the following specifications.

    and I constructed the same circuit referring to dc2584. 

    Vout = 12V, 5.5A…

  • LT4295 POE++ 71.5W don't operation

    Hi. Team

    Please check my schematic.

    i wonder why poe circuit don't work.


    below a picture of VPORTP & VPORTN waveform

    as soon as possible quickly response & solution.


  • 24V with LT4295 POE


    I'm currently working on a POE powered devices with the possibility of also being powered by an auxiliary power supply.

    I would like to configure the LT4295 chip to handle up to 25W at 24V (0.95A output) as can be seen on page 27 of the datasheet…

  • RE: LT4295 POE+ 66W Forward mode topology simulation

    Hi Eric,

    Good Day!!! It has been after a long...

    With your guidance, we have successfully simulated LT4295 chip for obtaining 12V/5.5A output from either Auxiliary input 37-57V or PoE 37-57V inputs using DC2584A schematic.

    Now, we have another design requirement…