• RE: 24V with LT4295 POE

    Hi Laurent,

    I checked the LTSpice files and it seems that you have swapped the connections going to pins 3 and 5 of the 750314782 transformer. I changed to connections in the simulation. I also reverted the value of R15 to 6.49k from 3.65k and the LT4295…

  • Regarding MPS support of LT4295


    Regarding LT4295, I have the following two questions, and could you give me some advice?

    ①Can the LT4295 support short MPS?
    ②There is an IMPS at the end of the electrical characteristics of the LT4295 datasheet.
    Is it correct to understand that this…

  • POE T2P output to MCU

    I am trying to minimize the footprint of a LT4295 flyback design. Most POE controllers provide a "T2P" or PSE Type output that is sent to the MCU for use in the appication.

    However, I would like to know how this is typically used by the firmware…

  • [LT4293] Inquries regarding aux power, ground and miscellaneous things

    To whom may it concern, 

    Hi i'm HS.

    I'm posting this in order to ask several questions about aux power and ground and miscellaneous things.

    Q1. LT4293 needs Isolated DCDC, such as Flyback, Forward as well as ideal bridge diode and its controller…