• RE: LT4294 Power delivery issue

    Hi Eric,

    I have removed the D8 from the assembly and it seems that problem was solved. I will manage to replace this diode.

    Thanks again,


  • LT4294

         Hello! Please explain to me how the resistance in the upper arm is 174k, in the lower arm 52.3 K on the example of the DC2583A debugging Board circuit.

  • LT4294 application issue

    Hi ADIexpert

    I have two questions for the LT4294 application

    1. May I know how long does it usually take for the handshaking from detection to power up between a PSE and PD?

    If I connect a adaptor (use the Aux pin function) and a PSE to a LT4294 PD device…

  • LT4294 Does not switch to Auxiliary input with TP-Link PSE.

    Hi Engineer Zone Team

    We are currently evaluating the LT4294 PD interface controller.
    Please refer the attached schematic sheet titled “LT4294_PoE_Aux.pdf”.
    Note only the essential circuitry is shown for clarity.

    The intended maximum power required…

  • lt4294 behavior with passive POE adaptor


    What behavior to expect when connecting lt4294 with the passive POE adaptor(48V)? I'm assuming passive POE is the only power supply, so there will be no negotiation between the POE adaptor and the LT4294. Will the voltage pass through the N-CH FET…

  • LT4294/95 & LTC4291-1/92 Demo Board Pre-test Report

    Dear All:

    I need the following demo board for IEEE 802.3bt protocols and electrical characteristics pre test report. Can you give us a reference??

    LT4295 Demo Board: P/N: DC2584A-A :https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software…

  • Questions regarding the PoE PD controllers in general.

    Hi Engineer Zone Team

    I have a few questions regarding the PoE PD controllers in general although my application intends to use the LT4294.

    Question 1. – Where does the PD controller receive power during the detection process.

    In the PD controllers…

  • RE: LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 Issue

    The DC2685 is the demo board for the LTC4291-1/LTC4292 and is a PSE.

    The LT4321 is an ideal diode controller, not a PD controller.

    I recommend the DC2583A, LT4294 IEEE 802.3bt PD interface demo board for evaluating the PSE.

  • RE: Is there an LTSpice model for LT4295?


    There currently is not a released LT4295 LTSpice model. I've listed several options below.

    Are you trying to simulate the IEEE 802.3bt PD interface? If so, there's a LTSpice model for LT4294 which models the interface.

    Are you trying…

  • RE: Can the LT4295, LT4293, LT4275A and LT4276A handle dual-signature in PD applications?


    IEEE 802.3bt defines two PD topologies: single-signature and dual-signature. Single-signature PDs present a valid detection signature on both pairsets, while dual-signature PDs present separate detection signatures on each of the two pairsets.…