• LT4293: Ideal Diode Bridge Options

    The recommended ideal diode bridge to use with the LT4293 is the LT4321, which is unfortunately out of stock everywhere with no end in sight.

    Are there other options that might still be available?  

    One possibility is the LT4320.  The LT4293 datasheet says…

  • LTSpice model for LT4293

    Is there a LTSpice model available for LT4293?

  • Questions about LT4293


    I have a question about LT4293.
    I am currently considering PSE circuits using the LTC4291-1 & LTC4292 chipsets and PD circuits using the LT4293.
    However, in rare cases, the connection may not work.
    The LT4293 uses a Schottky diode bridge.
    It is…

  • [LTPoE LT4293] Implementation and configuration when LT4293 works Ultramode

    To whom may it concern,

    Hi I'm HS.

    LTPoE PSE(LTC4279) works in ultamode and it will source power to LTPoE PD(LT4293).

    But the datasheet denotes that LT4293 supports up to 90W.

    I would appreciate if you elaborate how to configure and design the…

  • LT4293 PD interface controller

     Is LT4293 1gbps ethernet compatible ?

  • LT4320 implementation with LT4293


    The DC2911A carries LT4321 ideal diode bridge (for 2 lines). Our customer tried to use 2x LT4320 instead of LT4321 with LT4293 and it was not successful. Is there any restriction to use an ideal diode bridge for such application and utilize only LT4321…

  • [LT4293/DC2911A] PoE bt compliance test fail

    To whom may it concern,

    Hi i'm HS.

    I conducted the bt compliance test with DC2911A via Sifos PDA604-A and found out two parameters are failed as you see below.

    Red box on the left is the measured value and the blue box is the expected range of normal…

  • [LT4293] Inquries regarding aux power, ground and miscellaneous things

    To whom may it concern, 

    Hi i'm HS.

    I'm posting this in order to ask several questions about aux power and ground and miscellaneous things.

    Q1. LT4293 needs Isolated DCDC, such as Flyback, Forward as well as ideal bridge diode and its controller…

  • LTC4279、LT4293输出波形问题

    使用LTC4279做PSE端48V供电,LT4293做PD端,连接后测量VPP和VPN两端电压发现如下图波形,之后一直是如此循环状态是什么原因? ,PSE原理图如下图所示 ,PD原理图如下图所示

  • RE: Can the LT4295, LT4293, LT4275A and LT4276A handle dual-signature in PD applications?


    Can you ask this question in a new thread? Can you also include block diagram showing your idea for "PoE pass through"?

    Thank you,