• Inquiry about LT4293 PD


    My customer has two questions for LT4293 PD application.

    1. The description section of the LT4293 data sheet states that LT4293 includes undervoltage lockout. But there is no further explanation.

        Could you please provide the operation condtion of…

  • LT4293 PD Operation with Lower Class PSE Devices

    I am looking into using the LT4293 for use within a design; however, I am confused about two issues.

    Looking at Table 6 in the LT4293's datasheet (LT4293 Interoperability), it shows that 802.3 lower class PSE devices will agree upon demotion for higher…

  • DC2911A/LT4293: PoE demotion/denial unclear

    I'm studying the DC2911A datasheet (Evalboard for LT4293).

    Table 4 lists the interoperability between PSE and PD. The blue shaded region is labeled as "PD has been demoted or denied power".

    How will that demotion work in practice? Will the…

  • Overvoltage Protection over 100V for the LT4293


    My customer wants to design a IEEE802.bt complient PD module with overvoltage protection function for over 100V using the LT4293 + the LT4321.

    Could you please provide any information fot the above application ?


  • PD Design Query for UltraPWR Mode of LTC4279


    My customer wants to implement PoE system up to 123W using the LTC4279's UltraPWR mode.

    However, ADI's PD devices only support up to 90W(LT4275, LT4276, LT4293...).

    Could you please provide reference material for a PD design that supports 123W…

  • LTC4279 Ultra Power Mode, LT4276

    To whom may it concern

    Hi, I'm HS.

    LTC4279 datasheet specifies ultra power mode regarding 'custom pd'.

    I wonder what 'custom pd' specifically mean with respect to LT4279.

    It'd be lovely if you enlighten me how to design the custom…

  • RE: LT3748 VS LT4295 for PoE


    We do offer several PoE PD solutions that can be configured as a non-opto synchronous flyback converter. LTC4269-1 uses a third winding for feedback and biasing, while LT4276 and LT4295 use the third winding for feedback only. LT3748 is a non-synchronous…