• LT4276 PoE handshaking issue

    We are prototyping a board using the LT4276.  Basically took the evaluation board design, and made very small changes to accommodate parts availability and interface issues.  The issue we are seeing is that the device is not handshaking to get the PoE supply…

  • LT4276 Reference Design


    I am looking at the "Typical Application" design on page 21 of the LT4276 data sheet (4276fa). In this design there is a pi filter in which a smaller inductor (L2) is paralleled with the main inductor (L3). Does anybody know the reason for using two…

  • LT4276 single sided board design

    Hello community!

    I am currently designing a POE+ board using the LT4276. I studied the reference designs (e.g. the DC2046A), which is populated on both sides.

    I would like to design my board populated single sided only. Do you have any design recommendations…

  • LTC4279 Ultra Power Mode, LT4276

    To whom may it concern

    Hi, I'm HS.

    LTC4279 datasheet specifies ultra power mode regarding 'custom pd'.

    I wonder what 'custom pd' specifically mean with respect to LT4279.

    It'd be lovely if you enlighten me how to design the custom…

  • is there safety capacitor required in LT4276 application?

    I am currently designing 90W LTPoE++ Power Supply in Forward Mode with 16V, 5A and am uncertain about one capacitor.

    When we look at reference design 90W LTPoE++ Power Supply in Forward Mode with 12V, 7A of LT4276, presented by Linear, there is a capacitor…

  • RE: Designing a forward converter with LT4295

    LT4295 and LT4276 are pin-to-pin compatible and share a similar architecture for the switching converter. Check out DC2046A-D, 24V / 0.95A demo board as starting point for your design. You can swap in a LT4295 and you're good to go.

    The LT4295/LT4276…

  • RE: DC2046-A LTSpice simulation trouble reading schematic?

    The demo board design files in ZIP is not simulation file. It is package for the PCB board layout in PADS. If you need schematic, you may use the PDF file in the package.

    Simulation file for LT4276A is here: www.analog.com/.../lt4276.html

  • PD Design Query for UltraPWR Mode of LTC4279


    My customer wants to implement PoE system up to 123W using the LTC4279's UltraPWR mode.

    However, ADI's PD devices only support up to 90W(LT4275, LT4276, LT4293...).

    Could you please provide reference material for a PD design that supports 123W…

  • RE: Output voltage settings of LT4275BI POE controller


    The LT4275 is a PD Interface with Hotswap Controller. It provides IEEE or LTPoE++ compliant signaling and inrushes the downstream bulk capacitance in a controlled manner. The output voltage is effectively the input voltage. You'll need a DC-DC…

  • RE: Is there an LTSpice model for LT4295?


    There currently is not a released LT4295 LTSpice model. I've listed several options below.

    Are you trying to simulate the IEEE 802.3bt PD interface? If so, there's a LTSpice model for LT4294 which models the interface.

    Are you trying…