• LT4256 gets over heated

    Have a small doubt regarding LT4256 Hot swap controller.

    Our schematics is similar to what is being shown below. However, we have one more Power domain(Vsys) powering Vout.

    So even when Vin is OFF, the Vout will still have a voltage as per the Vsys…

  • RE: LT4256-2 output short test problem

    Dear Ritesh,

    Thanks for your support.

    I have other questions about LT4256. I am using LT4256-1, not LT4256-2.
    R1068 I used 3 resistance values for testing. The test conditions are a bit different from previous tests. The previous test output short-circuit…

  • LT4256 hot swap controller enable/disable

    Has anybody used the LT4256 hot swap controller as an electronic circuit breaker? I have simulated and designed a board that is essentially identical to the evaluation module (resistor scales are different due to different source voltage). I am trying…

  • Hotswap with remote sense: any solution superior to the LT4256?

    Dear Power by Linear,

         I have an application where I need to use a hotswap device to prevent my source (a power module) from going into current limit when a large MLC capacitor bank is switched in. The hotswap is for constant current charging of the capacitor…

  • 3-Phase 4-wire in to 3-Phase 3 Wire

    How to give input connections to ADE7878 for 3-Phase 4 wire in to 3-PH 3 Wire?

  • what does the "-3" on the brand of ADV7390/1/2/3 and ADV7340/1/2/3 indicate?

    The latest revision of the encoder has the -3 version branded on it's package. The revision code of the encoder can be read back from register 0xBB bits 7:6. 01B indicates the latest revision.

    Further information on the change made to this version…

  • ADE7880 - 3 phase 3 wire delta configuration


    As per the ADE7880 datasheet pg. 43, in three phase three wire delta configuration, Phase B active, reactive and apparent powers are 0.

    So, I would like to know if there is a way to find out the Phase B power data in three wire delta configuration…

  • 3 wire 3 phase 115V(L-N) 380-665Hz prfc application

    Could you please suggest a analog pfc controller for 3 wire 3 phase, 115Vac, 380-665Hz, 380Vout, 800W, min 0,95 power factor?  I couldnt find vienna rectifier example or application note at Analog device.  My second alternative is 3 phase boost topology…

  • ADE9078 3相3線Delta接的問題

    最近使用ADE9078的三相電能計量, 遇到以下的問題.


    1. 規格書有提到, 計算總功耗(有功, 無功和視在), 須將A相和C相的貢獻相加,

        而我運算的結果, 只有"有功"的算完的數值是正確的, 其餘無功以及視在的數值有落差.


    三相是採用3線Delta, B相接地. 使用EVAL-ADE9078EBZ開發板+EVAL-SDP-CB1Z.




  • Multiple FMCOMMS2/3 on Zc706 [Or FMCOMMS2/3 on FMC HPC]

    Hi there

    Has anybody successfully used multiple FMCOMMS2/3 on a single host board?

    Need to get 2 boards (4 channels) working on a single Zc706 under LINUX!

    Would appreciate any help in getting FMCOMMS2/3 to work on FMC-HPC under LINUX.