• LT4250 Hotswap


    we need a circuit to understand that the input voltage has a correct value, If it does not have correct value, we need to detect it.

    we use LT4250 for this purpose, but we do not need the current sensing of LT4250 IC,

    We design the blow circuit…

  • LT4250 Hot Swap power shor circuit test


    We design a custom board. We use LT4250 as hot swap power controller. I attach the schematic of my design.

    We use 48V and 35A as power supply.

    We use 2mR (CSNL1206FT2L00) resistor as R1069 (Sense resistor) and use IRF3710STRLPBF as Q9 transistor…

  • RE: Power Supply controller recommendation

    For the +/-15V rails you can use the LT4220.

    For +/-48V supply you will require two parts.

    For the -48V take a look at the LT4250

    Link: https://www.analog.com/en/products/lt4250.html

    For the +48V take a look at the LT4256

    Link: https://www.analog.com…

  • LT4250L Hot swap power problem


    We design a custom board that use LT4250L as hot swap power controller. I attach our design as a PDF file.

    When we do not montage C571 and C569, the PWRGD signal is not equal to -48V and we do not have 5V0 at output of U18, but Gate pin of LT4250…