• LT3960 :: Multi slave connection


    I would like to use a LT3960 as I2C to CAN transciever, because of a long distance between mCU (master) and sensor (slave) devices.
    I would like to have isolated mCU ground from sensors device ground, so I'm planning just to connect CANSDAH

  • LT3960 I2C to CAN common mode rejection on CAN with capacitor


    I request more explanation on the common noise filtering capacitor on page 17 of the LT3960 datasheet https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/lt3960.pdf.

    How is the common mode noise is suppressed with the capacitor? 

  • LT3960

    Hi ADI,

    We are developing a Smart Battery interface using the LT3960 and are having some trouble communicating.

    When I probe clock and data I2C lines on Master and Slave, I can see that not some clock cycles are missing, as attached.

    Do you have any suggestions…

  • LT3960


    I would like to know if it's possible to use LT3960 as SMBus to CAN-Physical Transceiver since SMBus is very similar to I2C.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


  • ESD Protection for LT3960

    Hi ADI,

    We are working on a design incorporating the LT3960 and would appreciate some advice around adding additional ESD protection for the four CANSXXX pins.

    Should the bipolar TVS diodes connect between each of the four pins and GND, or should they…

  • LT3960 I2C to CAN Bus Only


    The documents for LT3960 and its evaluation board only talk of using it for I2C to CAN bus to I2C. But can I use this for just I2C to CAN Bus?

    I'm looking to take a CAN bus output and translate it to our I2C enabled product.



  • Most rugged I2C bus range extender (LTC4331 not in stock today)


    Q1) Is there a good in-stock chip solution to be used as a I2C bus extender?

    We have a product with 2m long I2C communication between a master unit and slave peripheral unit that has some bit errors. Management would like to avoid not using I2C…

  • RE: LTC4310 Over long distances

    Thank you Jason.

    In our current implementation we have a PCA9615 for differential transmission, which we've discovered needs to be isolated. The V_IL and V_OL don't quite work between ADM3260 and the PCA9615 (and same as the ADuM1250 and LT3960 respectively…

  • RE: LT4310-2 multi-drop application

    Hi Jason.

    So to have multi drop configuration, there is only 1 available solution which is LT3960.

    Thanks for enlightening me.



  • CAN bus transceiver - SAE -J1939 CAN BUS

    Hi ADI pals, 

    Which ADI part number is for CAN bus transceiver and meet SAE-J1939 spec for automotive application?

    Can LT3960 (I2C to CAN) meet SAE J1939 spec ?