• Make a variable power supply from 0 to 24 volt 1 amp using lt3942

    I want to make a variable power supply using lt3942.  Can i vary the output volt using  Microcontroller+DAC instead of feedback resistor?    i should be able to vary volt from 0 to 24 volt in multi  step !           I need to measure the current in range of  nano…

  • Maximum output current LT3942


    I want to use the LT3942 in a device with one or three laser diodes. The current through the diodes should be 1.1A. The voltage drop of one diode is around the 2V. The diodes are placed in series. I want to use the LT3942 to drive these lasers diodes…

  • LT3942 - LED with Vf < 3V and PWM


    I have designed a circuit using the LT3942 to drive several differents LEDs.
    When I drive a Amber LED with Vf = 2.1V, I got a current peak of 570mA for 10µs then goes to 220mA.

    Following curve shows signals when PWM signal rise:

    Blue curve…

  • LT3942 LTSPICE model


     I downloaded LT3942 Demo Circuit from the following URL.


    Then I opened lt3942_dc2404a.asc with LTSPICE XVII and did not find the LT3942 symbol. 

     Could you send the LTspice model…

  • Question of LT3942

    Hi team

    I saw the LT3942 datasheet.
    The information on page 26 is said to be available as Buck-Boost without LEDs.
    Is 12V 2A Output available?
    Please reply.




  • LT3517 Buck-Boost Mode Inductor Selection

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using LT3517 for the first time. In my product, I used the LT3942 for LVDS panel backlight but it's out of stock. Could you help with the LT3517 Buck-Boost mode inductor selection or schematic design?