• LT3922 vs LT3922-1

    Months ago I designed a circuit for use with the LT3922. However I see it is now out of stock with most large suppliers. After glancing through the LT3922-1 it seems to be almost a direct replacement (bar some things like increased dimming resolution…

  • LT3922


              My project application in surgical lights, an LED current is 1.67 A, I need five project LED series, I set the output voltage of 16.5 V, but the input can be between 14 and 16 V analog dimming, when the input voltage increases or decreases…

  • LT3922 Buck Mode Schematic


    The schematic for a buck mode LED driver written in LT3922 datasheet page 27 seems not correct.

    I tried this schematic on LTspice but I could not get correct data. LT3922 seems not to work since VIN=VSW and ILED=0A.

    If it is not correct, please send…

  • LT3922 Buck Mode LED Driver

    Hello LT Support,



    I want to use the LT3922 in Buck Mode as an LED Driver for a 12V/1,5A LED (one power LED). The supply voltage is 15V. Additionally I want to use the SSFM option with up to 2MHz switching frequency (base fsw=1,6Mhz*125%).



  • Question about an external PMW dimming for LT3922


    I have some questions about duty signalof external PWM signal to turn LEDs off?

    Please take a look at the attachment.

    When my external PWM duty cycle is set to 1020/1024 (D=99.6%), my LEDs are not turned off completely.

    When my external PWM duty cycle is…

  • LT3922-1 Boost Mode LED Driver with internal PWM Dimming


    I want to drive my 6V 20mA UV LED with PWM. I chose LT3922-1 circuit for this Application. I used Zener Diode instead of LED

    I want to set the Output PWM Dimming Frequency with the resistance to be connected to the RP pin. However, changing the RP Pin…

  • LT3922-1使用BUCK的模式来驱动LED,是否也可以用到25000:1,



  • RE: LED Driver implementing analog dimming by adjusting the internal reference voltage

    Hi Laura,

    Please check these: the analog dimming is not as fine though.

    Very close:


  • RE: Any similar projects for Boost Converters?

    On behalf of Anthony Armstrong: 
    The Silent Switcher technology can also be applied in a boost mode topology. I am sure you know that with boost converters, the internal switching in a monolithic die can be very large – depending on how much output current…

  • RE: LT3518 Short-Circuit

    Hello Martin,

    The LT3518 is not designed for short-circuit protection.

    More recent ICs such as the LT3922, LT3795, LT3762, LT3932, LT8391A and other LED drivers now have the short-circuit protection which you are looking for.

    I hope this helps,