• LT3922


              My project application in surgical lights, an LED current is 1.67 A, I need five project LED series, I set the output voltage of 16.5 V, but the input can be between 14 and 16 V analog dimming, when the input voltage increases or decreases…

  • LT3922 Buck Mode Schematic


    The schematic for a buck mode LED driver written in LT3922 datasheet page 27 seems not correct.

    I tried this schematic on LTspice but I could not get correct data. LT3922 seems not to work since VIN=VSW and ILED=0A.

    If it is not correct, please send…

  • LT3922 vs LT3922-1

    Months ago I designed a circuit for use with the LT3922. However I see it is now out of stock with most large suppliers. After glancing through the LT3922-1 it seems to be almost a direct replacement (bar some things like increased dimming resolution…

  • Question about an external PMW dimming for LT3922


    I have some questions about duty signalof external PWM signal to turn LEDs off?

    Please take a look at the attachment.

    When my external PWM duty cycle is set to 1020/1024 (D=99.6%), my LEDs are not turned off completely.

    When my external PWM duty cycle is…

  • LT3922-1 Boost Mode LED Driver with internal PWM Dimming


    I want to drive my 6V 20mA UV LED with PWM. I chose LT3922-1 circuit for this Application. I used Zener Diode instead of LED

    I want to set the Output PWM Dimming Frequency with the resistance to be connected to the RP pin. However, changing the RP Pin…

  • LT3922 Buck Mode LED Driver

    Hello LT Support,



    I want to use the LT3922 in Buck Mode as an LED Driver for a 12V/1,5A LED (one power LED). The supply voltage is 15V. Additionally I want to use the SSFM option with up to 2MHz switching frequency (base fsw=1,6Mhz*125%).



  • LT3922-1使用BUCK的模式来驱动LED,是否也可以用到25000:1,



  • RE: LED Driver implementing analog dimming by adjusting the internal reference voltage

    Hi Laura,

    Please check these: the analog dimming is not as fine though.

    Very close:


  • RE: LT3476EUHF

    Thank you for the post.  LED driver controllers similar to the LT3476 were not designed to PWM dim the LED brightness at repeat rates that are lower than around 100Hz.  If the repeat rate is lower than 100Hz, your eyes will see the blinking of the LEDs…

  • RE: Any similar projects for Boost Converters?

    On behalf of Anthony Armstrong: 
    The Silent Switcher technology can also be applied in a boost mode topology. I am sure you know that with boost converters, the internal switching in a monolithic die can be very large – depending on how much output current…