• RE: LT3845

    Hi Jorge,

    The LT3845 is a step-down converter. Try designing a circuit using LT8365 (LT8365 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices) which is a step-up converter that should be able to handle 100V output.

  • LT3845

    The data sheet page says not recommended for new designs.

    Is there an alternative part?


  • RE: LT3845 Oscillation ao output voltage

    Based on your helpful scope shots, it looks like the inductor current is going discontinuous and the LT3845 is skipping pulses to maintain output voltage regulation.

  • LT3845 Bode Plot in LtSpice


    I have designed Buck Converter and I want to draw Bode Plot for our SMPS. I have searched about this situation and I found article about it. But This article is confused  :). Which parameters are necessary for Bode Plot and What do I pay attention…

  • LT3845 Voltage Source Current Problem


    As you see, When High Side Mosfet turns on, the system draws peak current for a short time from voltage source . What did cause this problem? Normally, drawn current average about 10 A



  • LT3845 Multiple top FET pulses in switching cycle

    In using the LT3845 for synchronous buck converter the top FET is turning on and off twice in each switching cycle.  When the top FET is turning off, it is off for exactly 1us and the bottom FET does not turn on (the gate for the bottom FET is held low…

  • LT3845 - 28V @ 5.5A Power Supply - Efficiency Issues

    Hello all.

    I am in the process of designing a 28V power supply for our embedded in-line printing equipment. I have decided to use the LT3845 as my switching controller. 

    This circuit will regulate down to 28V from this 48V power supply (MFA420PS48 XP…

  • LT3845 Internal Oscillator Frequency requirement for Sync operation

    The LT3845 datasheet's SYNC pin function description states that the internal oscillator frequency is 10% to 25% below the external clock frequency. Later on in the datasheet in the Oscillator SYNC applications information it states the oscillator is…

  • The LT3845 current mode controller produces hickups and I don't know why.

    The LT3845 current mode controller produces hickups and I don't know why.

  • Inquiry regarding Antislope Compensation

    Hello, all

    Now I have one inquiry regarding Antislope Compensation from my customer.

    Please refer to the item below, and feedback with your comment.

    It seems that only LT3800 supports Antislope Compensation, other i.e. LT3845 or LTC3890 supports normal…