• RE: LT3840 short circuit protection

    Hi-- Inductor, Cout, and compensation values vary with application. The 3840 features current regulation in 'overload'. Foldback may be added in short circuit if needed. From datasheet pg 17.   

    Output Short-Circuit Current Foldback The LT3840 defaults…

  • LT3840 Transistor Count


    I am a reliability engineer in the process of trade studying the LT3840. I was wondering if there was a factor of 10 estimate of the number of transistor in the device? 

  • LT3840 shorting issue

    Hello support team,

    we have developed a PCB for LT3840 DC DC converter , which is similar to typical applications Low Part Count Application, 6V to 60V Input to 5V, 10A Output( given in datasheet) , but we are facing the issue of shorting. we have verified…

  • LT3840 Design Help

    Myself and the hardware team at my company have designed a PCB utilizing the LT3840 to charge Lithium Ion batteries. We are having trouble with operation at higher voltages. One of the main noticeable problems is that the operating frequency is significantly…

  • LT3840 minimum output current

    What is the minimum output current the LT3840 can regulate with a 2m ohm sense resistor?  From the current regulation specs in the datasheet I see that the avg current limit sense voltage can vary up to +/- 2.5mV from typical.  I assume this is due to cumulative…

  • LT3840  SW absolute maximum ratings

    About LT3840, How voltages is SW absolute maximum ratings?

    (Specially minimum voltage.)

  • LT3840 peak current control gain

    Dear Analog,
    First of all, thanks you much for your very usefull chips.
    I would have a question regarding the LT3840 buck switching regulator controler.
    I'm trying to better understand the compensation calculation process.
    For this, I'm trying to…
  • LT3840输出电压控制



  • RE: 请教关于LT3840如何实现CC/CV的切换,谢谢!