• LT3796


    I'm looking for LED driver, need buck-boost and constant current-CC.


    Vout=12-48V, constant mode 3-4A, and 10A in pulse mode (for a short time) how to achieve this? using PWM?

    I'm currently looking at LT3796, is it capable to achieve…

  • LT3796 as capacitor charger

    I'm trying to use the LT3796 as a boost regulator (12-30 in, 45V out) to charge a capacitor bank, but my LTSpice simulation shows the device is in a fault condition and it never toggles the Gate output.

    As a sanity check I modified the example simulation…

  • RE: LT3796 SCAP/EDLC charger

    Hi Levandovsky,

    I think Buck-Boost/SEPIC should be used. But I can`t find any recommendations\calculations in LT3796 Datasheet for such operation (buck-boost/sepic supercapacitor charger).

    SEPIC would be ideal for you especially if you…

  • Designing Constant current in LT3796

    We are designing a battery charger using LT3796 and now we are in need to know how to set the o/p current.

    We have two cases,

    1.Vctrl is more than 1.2V, by the time the we have a sense resistor of 0.16Ohm so according to calculation 250mv/0.1Ohm=2.…

  • LT3796 vs LT3652? efficiency, max current etc?


    It was with great interest I read Xin Qi's article in the July 2012 issue of Analog Innovation. We have been prototyping a MPT charger, based on the LT3652. It works well on the bench and in field trials, but has its limitations. First the max current…

  • 15A constant current source with Maximum 100V output


    Among regulators LT3796, LTC3779 & LT3756 which is the best regulator to implement a Constant current source with an output voltage of 96V. Suggest if any better regulators are available.

    Regards & Thanks

    Bivin George

  • Query - Selecting SEPIC converter with Over Current Protection.


    I am looking for an SEPIC converter to generate an output of 28VDC/3.5A from an input of 20 - 33VDC.
    As listed in below table, during over current  condition both LT3759 & LT3796 output got regulated to an lower value. Please suggest an converter…
  • RE: Capacitor charger with 24V input 40V output at 1A constant current


    According to the datasheet, LT8391 is ideal for LED driver and battery charger applications. However, it did not specify applications related to capacitor or supercapacitor charging. Normally, you would need a precise control of charging current and…

  • LTC4013 CC+CV 10s4p Li-ion charger selectable charging current


    I need to implement a buck battery charger for a 10s4p Li-ion pack, Vin 48VDC. with the additional requirement that Iout should be selectable from a MCU (i.e. conmuting between different programming resistors).

    LTC4013 looks great, but one thing worries…

  • LTC6908 Compatibility with Various Converters

    I am investigating using an LTC6908 in an application with multiple power converters. In this application, it would run at a nominal frequency of 560 kHz (504 kHz to 616 kHz with spreading). I am hoping to confirm that all the converters that will be…