• RE: Ask a question about LT3795


    most likely the current sharing between the strings will be getting bad/worse, as the LT3795 only delivers 'one' common current, the distribution within the parallel strings depends mainly on the final Vf values of the LEDs and their similarity…


    Hi everyone:

    Related with the LT3795 Demo Circuit  on your website. I running the simulation with original input voltaje and everything is OK.

    The situation is when I change the input voltaje to 45 Vdc or more, the LT3795 goes down. I have checked the…


    Hi Engineer zone:

    I have designed a led controller using the LT3795. the input voltaje is between  Vin= 8 and 80 volts. The output voltaje is in 87V@400mA. Is very similar to the example that you have on the webpage. In fact I am using 4 layers, the internal…

  • LT3795 Power cycle question


    I am using the LT3795 to drive 19 LEDs from 28V. Under certain conditions upon power cycle I observe the design not startup and start switching, and Vref is pulled down, Intvcc is good @7V however Vref is low. When measured with power removed it…

  • LTC7840 & LT3795 LTPowerCAD File

    Dear All:

    I need LTC7840 demo board P/N: DC2744A & LT3795 demo board P/N:DC1827A LTPowerCAD Files to provide to me ,another LT3795 demo board have "buck only solution" design reference to  customer refer.?? Ex:Vin:100V To Vout:70V/20A for…

  • LT3795 Demo Board DC1827A buck mode


    LT3795 Demo Board DC1827A預設是Boost mode,

    Demo manual有提到可以改成Buck mode.

    請問有Buck mode的線路及BOM嗎?

    DC1827A Buck mode的Vin range和Vout range是多少呢?


  • RE: LT3795 demo board(DC1827A ) EMI issue

    It is difficult to make DC1827A for the LT3795 controller perform well during emi testing - I apologize for that.  I chose the DC1827A schematic in 2011 and at that time I was just starting to learn how to get boards to pass the CISPR25 standard that seemed…

  • LT3795 Led Controller  EN/UVLO Pin Device Disable

    Good morning,

    In the LT3795 IC, and other Linear Led Controller, When i keep Down (0 V) The pin 24 (EN/UVLO) For disable the switching output (LED 0V LED Off)   The INTVcc (Internal Vcc) and the Vref  Goes to zero Voltage!!  is Normal ??

    I think that with…

  • Rolling Stripes on Video from a LT3795 PWM controlled LED

    Dear all,

    I used the LT3795 for dimming a LED to light up a work of art. Unfortunately there are stripes on my Video if I record this with my mobile.

    The Key Facts are:

    Schematic taken from the Datasheet” Short-Circuit Robust Boost LED Driver with Input…

  • RE: LT3756 Hi Side Sense LED Driver

    The common mode ranges of ISP/ISN for the LT3756 and LT3795 respectively are 2.9V-100V and 0V-110V as I show in the image below from the datasheets.  You can put RSENSE on the bottom when you use the LT3795.  That way, you can increase your output voltage…