• RE: LT3795 demo board(DC1827A ) EMI issue

    It is difficult to make DC1827A for the LT3795 controller perform well during emi testing - I apologize for that.  I chose the DC1827A schematic in 2011 and at that time I was just starting to learn how to get boards to pass the CISPR25 standard that seemed…

  • RE: LT3756 Hi Side Sense LED Driver

    The common mode ranges of ISP/ISN for the LT3756 and LT3795 respectively are 2.9V-100V and 0V-110V as I show in the image below from the datasheets.  You can put RSENSE on the bottom when you use the LT3795.  That way, you can increase your output voltage…


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    Usually a slow ramp on VIN makes these LT3795 circuits simulate more easily.  The LT3795 LTspice example circuit does not like a huge inrush current, and the slow ramp on VIN prevents that.  I just tried the LTspice example circuit…


    Hi Engineer zone:

    I have designed a led controller using the LT3795. the input voltaje is between  Vin= 8 and 80 volts. The output voltaje is in 87V@400mA. Is very similar to the example that you have on the webpage. In fact I am using 4 layers, the internal…

  • LT3795 Power cycle question


    I am using the LT3795 to drive 19 LEDs from 28V. Under certain conditions upon power cycle I observe the design not startup and start switching, and Vref is pulled down, Intvcc is good @7V however Vref is low. When measured with power removed it…

  • RE: LT3518 Short-Circuit

    Hello Martin,

    The LT3518 is not designed for short-circuit protection.

    More recent ICs such as the LT3922, LT3795, LT3762, LT3932, LT8391A and other LED drivers now have the short-circuit protection which you are looking for.

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  • RE: LT3795 Led Controller  EN/UVLO Pin Device Disable

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    Most controllers will turn off their VREF when EN/UVLO is pulled low in order to minimized power dissipation in shutdown.

    The LT3795 is designed so switching will stop if one of the CTRL pins is pulled below around 100mV.  This curve…

  • RE: Why the coil get so hot?

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    I'm not sure why your inductor is getting so hot.  It is a good idea to make sure your circuit is running smoothly when you check the component temperatures, because the component temperatures may look worse than they actually…

  • Rolling Stripes on Video from a LT3795 PWM controlled LED

    Dear all,

    I used the LT3795 for dimming a LED to light up a work of art. Unfortunately there are stripes on my Video if I record this with my mobile.

    The Key Facts are:

    Schematic taken from the Datasheet” Short-Circuit Robust Boost LED Driver with Input…

  • LED Driver Implemented as Constant Current Battery Charger

    I am designing a battery charger for an existing battery pack design of 28 11000mAh NiMH cells.  The goal is to design a charger with a constant current output of 3.0A with low DC ripple.  The LT3795 and LT3796 Drivers seem to be a good fit for my application…